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Find Wellbeing During Covid19 - Discover 200+ Free and Discounted Tools to help you find some relief and emerge even stronger.

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Join us for a 1 Day Online Summit to discover the Transformative Technology Tools that can help you find some relief, increase your resilience, and emerge from quarantine even stronger than before the pandemic.

NOTE: Main Stage and Sessions will be Recorded.  ALL TIMES ARE PST originally but the platform will convert it to your time zone.  Be sure to check. 
SCHEDULE BELOW: Google Sheet Easy Viewing here for Stage and all Exhibitor Sessions
Attendee FAQ HERE

Discover Products, Tools and Tips to help you with:

  • Stress and Anxiety 
  • Mental Support
  • Happiness
  • Sleep
  • Emotional Skills and Support
  • Social Wellness and Connecting 
  • Purpose and Meaning
  • Cognitive Enhancement
  • Emotional Enhancement
  • Consciousness Enhancement

You will:
  • Discover the best products, get discounts, and get support in this challenging time.
  • Uncover strategies to help you, your family, and your extended community weather the next 2-3 months.
  • Learn how technology can help you deepen, rather than distract you, from what matters most.

Hear from experts with secrets and practical tips on how you can have more relief and strength in your life right now:

Understand what's possible with Wellbeing, Transformation and Technology:
  • Nichol Bradford - Find Wellbeing Tech Right Now - CEO & Founder of the Willow Group and the Executive Director and co-founder of the Transformative Technology Lab
  • Miri Polachek - Launching an Emotional Wellbeing Start-up, Right Now, CEO Joy Ventures
  • Charlie Hartwell and Tim Chang - The New Shifts Impacting Wellbeing, Right Now.  Charlie  Hartwell is the Operating Partner for Bridge Builders and an early investor in the mindfluness space.  Tim Chang is a Partner at Mayfield Fund and a long-time supporter of transformative technologies of all kinds. 

Deepen your meditation and connection abilities and practices:
  • Jack Kornfield - Find Peace Right Now - Author, Buddhist practitioner and one of the key teachers to introduce Buddhist mindfulness practice to the West
  • Joe Hudson - Find Connection Right Now - Joe has worked with hundreds of executives and their teams doing one-on-one coaching, private classes, and company off-sites teaching practical tools that transform individuals and businesses
  • Dr. Jim Doty - Find Compassion Right Now - Clinical professor in the Department of Neurosurgery at Stanford University and the director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University School of Medicine
  • Dr. Jeffery Martin - Precision Meditation: Find Your Fit Right Now - Scientist, Scholar, and Best Selling Author behind the Finder's Course, tells you how to tell quickly which meditation  techniques work for you 

Make the most of this time:
  • Steven Kotler - Find Flow Right Now - New York Times bestselling author and an award-winning journalist, Executive Director at the Flow Research Collective
  • Alvaro Fernandez - How to Boost Brain Health Right Now - A recognized public speaker who runs SharpBrains, Editor-in-chief of seminal market reports on Pervasive Neurotechnology and Digital Brain Health, and co-author of the books The SharpBrains Guide to Brain Fitness
  • Dr. Ting Jiang - Break Old Habits Right Now (with Behavioral Economics Hacks) - Ting Jiang, Ph.D., is Principal of Global Health and Development. An experimental economist by training, she has published in a wide range of disciplines related to behavioral change, social norms, and unethical behavior with lab and field experiments conducted in different countries
  • Kristen Ulmer - Move Past Fear Right Now - Kristen is a thought leader, master facilitator and fear/anxiety expert who radically challenges existing norms around the subject of this deeply misunderstood emotion

Get help with the basics crucial for your wellbeing:
  • Dr. Roy Rayman - Getting A Good Nights Sleep Right Now with Sleep Score Labs - Passionate Scientific Sleep Professional that blends behavioral & neuro-science with hardware & software engineering to create sleep experience products, Chief Scientific Officer at SleepScore Labs
  • Luis Gallardo - Find Happiness Even Now - Founder of the World Happiness Fest, bē and The Exponentials of Happiness Lab (TEOH Lab) 
  • Amy Blankson - Find Digital Balance Right Now - Amy Blankson, bestselling author of The Future of Happiness, is the only person to receive a Point of Light from two sitting US Presidents
  • Marissa Brassfield - Helping your Kids Find Balance, Right Now - Founder of Xploration Center, a think tank dedicated to the Future of Education and raising exponential kids

Need support, lonely, or just curious? Enjoy Peer and Professional Listening and Connection Sessions with professionals from the Social Health Society and FeelReal.
  • Be matched with peers and professionals to be deeply listened to and supported -- and to do so as well.  
  • This unique 1:1 matching rooms will allow you to meet people and connect with serendipity similar to a live event. 
  • Your hosts are: Aaron Kahlow - Founder, Social Health Society and Andy Swindler - Founder, Feel Real

Join amazing panels curated by our partners:
  • Society for Social Health Panel: Tackling the Human Connection Challenge Amidst COVID and Beyond 
  • World Happiness Fest Panel: Courage, Resiliency and Sensing towards Fundamental Happiness 
  • Black Lab Sports Panel: Mental Wellness, Nutrition and the Gut 

Product Showcase:

  • We have curated the best products for you -- these products will really help you, right now, when you need it most.  See everything you should know about in one place.
  • We won’t distract you with endless talks -- every info session will be concise and clear.   You’ll hear what each product can do for you during COVID19.
  • We will save you money in this uncertain time -- we have trials and discounts for you for having attended the Summit.  The people who make these kinds of products do it because they want to serve others.  We’re all dealing with uncertainty right now so they have stepped up with discounts to make things easier for you.  

Live Exhibitor Talks and Sessions!:  

Dig into live talks with Founders and hear from them directly.  Ask as many questions as you'd like in the live sessions and then stop by their booth for offer codes. 

Expo Booth List:

  • AcousticSheep, makers of SleepPhones
  • Advanced Brain Technologies
  • AmpCoil
  • Andromeda Entertainment
  • Apollo Neuroscience, Inc.
  • Atom
  • AURA Devices
  • Aura Health
  • Aurum Wellness
  • Av3X, LLC
  • awarenow
  • Bioharmonic Techniologies
  • BioSelf Technology Limited
  • Biostrap
  • Braive AB
  • CalmiGo (Dendro Technologies)
  • Canteen
  • CollectiWise
  • Core
  • Daily Haloha
  • DaoCloud
  • Inc.
  • Driven
  • Embr Labs
  • Fabriq
  • Feeliom
  • FitMind
  • Flow - Meditation for modern life
  • Focus At Will Labs
  • FocusBand Technologies
  • FreeMind
  • Gratiu
  • Happyfeed
  • Healium
  • HearMe
  • HeartMath Inc
  • Hello Tomo
  • HERE Global
  • Human Online
  • iAwake Technologies
  • InnerHour
  • Journey Meditation
  • Joynaut Technologies LLP
  • KeepAppy
  • Kinvite
  • Klaatch
  • Lief Therapeutics
  • Liferithms Inc
  • Living Ashram
  • Lucia N°03 Bay Area Light Collective
  • Maaind
  • Maslo
  • MindCheck
  • MindCotine
  • MindSpa
  • Mobio Interactive
  • Mobio Interactive
  • Moodbit
  • My Online Therapy
  • MyndPlay
  • Nectar.Earth
  • NeuroFlow
  • Nomorrow
  • Notch Interfaces Inc
  • nSmiles
  • Panion
  • Parents Pause LLC
  • Peak Achievement Training
  • People Power
  • PlatoScience
  • Pocketcoach
  • Positive Prime
  • ReachLink
  • Remente
  • Revita5
  • SageSurfer
  • Sana Health Inc
  • Sensie Technologies
  • Sentio Solutions
  • Serin Center
  • Sharpen Health
  • Solace Health, Inc.
  • solu
  • Somavedic Technologies
  • SONIPHI, and Prana Planet, LLC
  • SQRL
  • Stress Point Health
  • Sumondo
  • SuperBetter
  • Taopatch
  • The Human Values Center
  • Thought Technology Ltd.
  • Thrive Therapeutic Software
  • Thync
  • TrustCircle
  • U4Ea
  • UpLift Health Inc.
  • Uwell
  • Vielight Inc
  • Virry.Life
  • Virtual Sandtray, LLC
  • Virtuleap
  • Voice of Health
  • Wakefully
  • Wellmee
  • Wellnesys INC
  • Welltiss Ltd.
  • Welltory
  • Whil
  • Wise Therapeutics
  • Woebot Labs Inc
  • Neurosphere
  • Wynd
  • Wysa
  • YouROK Corp.
  • Zentor GmbH
  • Wellin5 USA Inc.
  • Quantified Citizen
  • Me Biosciences, Inc.
  • 7 Cups

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· Expo
Exhibitor Booth Check - Exhibitors Only Please
· Networking
Optional Warm-Up Networking
· Stage
Welcome! Intro to Finding Your Welbeing with Nichol Bradford
Nichol Bradford
· Stage
Wellness & Wellbeing Trends
· Stage
The New Shifts Impacting Wellbeing, Right Now with Tim Chang and Charlie Hartwell
Charlie Hartwell Tim Chang Nichol Bradford
· Stage
Launch your Emotional Wellbeing Startup, Right Now with Miri Polachek
Miri  Polachek
· Stage
Find Peace Right Now with Jack Kornfield
Jack Kornfield
· Sessions
Panel: Tackling the Human Connection Challenge Amidst COVID and Beyond 
· Sessions
Exhibitor Talks: Session 1A
· Expo
Expo Opens!
· Stage
Tools for Meditation & Calm with Muse, Core Wellness, and Parent Pause
Ariel Garten Ela Compton Sarah McDevitt
· Sessions
Exhibitor Talks: Section 1B
· Stage
Precision Meditation: Find Your Fit Right Now with Dr. Jeffery Martin
Dr. Jeffery  Martin
· Stage
Find Flow Right Now with Steven Kotler
Steven Kotler
· Networking
Social Health Society Connection Sessions
· Stage
Tools for Potential and Performance with Pavlok and Mobio
Maneesh Sethi Bechara Saab
· Stage
Break Old Habits Right Now with Dr. Ting Jiang
Ting Jiang
· Stage
MOVEMENT! Vitality Session with Google's Vitality Lab's Amalia Reeves
Amalia Reeves
· Sessions
Exhibitor Talks: Session 2A
· Stage
Getting A Good Nights Sleep Right Now with Dr. Roy Rayman and Sleep Score Labs
Roy Raymann
· Stage
Tools for Sleep & Balance with Oura and Thrive
Brian Gilan Dr. Andres Fonseca
· Sessions
Exhibitor Talks: Session 2B
· Stage
Helping your Kids Find Balance, Right Now
Marissa Brassfield
· Stage
MOVEMENT! Vitality Session with Google's Vitality Lab's Diahna Fortuna
Diahna Fortuna
· Sessions
Panel: Courage, Resiliency and Sensing towards Fundamental Happiness 
Luis Gallardo
· Stage
How to Boost Brain Health Right Now with Alvaro Fernandez
Alvaro Fernández Ibáñez
· Networking
Feel Real Listening Sessions
Andy Swindler
· Stage
Tools for Mental Health & Fitness with TRIPP, Fisher Wallace, and Vielight
Lew Lim Alina Trigubenko Kelly Roman Nanea  Reeves
· Sessions
Exhibitor Talks: Session 3
· Stage
Find Connection Right Now with Joe Hudson
Joe Hudson
· Stage
Tools for Social Health & Emotional Wellness with Fabriq, Wisdo, Klaatch, and People Power
Adam Greene Gene Wang Boaz Gaon Amy Baglan David Moss
· Sessions
Panel: Mental Wellness, Nutrition and the Gut
Jean-Paul O'Brien
· Stage
MOVEMENT! Vitality Session with Google's Vitality Lab's Diahna Fortuna
Diahna Fortuna
· Stage
Find Compassion Right Now with Dr. Jim Doty
James R.  Doty
· Stage
Tools for Social Health & Emotional Wellness with, Listenly, and Heartmath. Plus Taopatch
Deborah Rozman Kyle Zamcheck Adam Lippin Marco Nunzio Alati
· Stage
MOVEMENT! Vitality Session with Google's Vitality Lab's Amalia Reeves
Amalia Reeves
· Stage
Move Past Fear Right Now with Kristen Ulmer
Kristen Ulmer
· Sessions
Exhibitor Talks: Session 4
· Stage
Tools to Manage Stress, Anxiety, and Fear with Lief, Touchpoints, and Healium
Rohan Dixit Healium_Sarah Hill Dr. Amy Serin
· Stage
Find Digital Balance Right Now with Amy Blankson
Amy Blankson
· Stage
MOVEMENT! Vitality Session with Google's Vitality Lab' s Diahna Fortuna
Diahna Fortuna
· Stage
Find Happiness Now with Luis Gallardo
Luis Gallardo
· Stage
Tools for Heart, Happiness & Consciousness with Feel, Focus Band, and Soundself
Henry Boulton Robin Arnott Kim Warner
· Stage
Official Close: Team Next -- Purpose and Meaning in the New World
Nichol Bradford
· Networking
Personal Wellbeing Commitments / Networking
· Sessions
Create a Session! Unconference
· Expo
Booth Crawl - Last Chance to Check out Booths


Nichol Bradford

Executive Director & Co-Founder, Transformative Tech Lab // Lecturer at Stanford University

Kristen Ulmer

Author, High Performance Facilitator and Fear/Anxiety Expert -- Move Past Fear Right Now

Luis Gallardo

Founder, World Happiness Fest. Author The Exponentials of Happiness & Happytalism

Jack Kornfield

Author, Buddhist Practitioner -- Find Peace Right Now

Joe Hudson

Executive Coach and Cultural Engineer -- Find Connection Right Now

Steven Kotler

8x National Bestselling Author | Executive Director at the Flow Research Collective | Leading Expert in Peak-Performance

Amy Blankson

Founder and CEO, Fearless Positivity -- Find Digital Balance Right Now

Amalia Reeves

Google Vitality Lab! Licensed Massage Therapist at Google

Diahna Fortuna

Google Vitality Lab! Licensed Massage Therapist at Google

Bechara Saab

CEO and Chief Scientist, Mobio Interactive -- Tools for Potential and Performance

Ting Jiang

Principal, BETA at The Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University -- Break Old Habits Right Now

Robin Arnott

CEO and Founder, Andromeda -- Tools for Heart, Happiness & Consciousness

Gene Wang

CEO at People Power -- Tools for Social Health & Emotional Wellness

Kyle Zamcheck

Co-Founder Listenly -- Tools for Social Health & Emotional Wellness

Nanea Reeves

CEO and Co-Founder, TRIPP -- Tools for Mental Health & Fitness

Adam Lippin

Founder and CEO, -- Tools for Social Health & Emotional Wellness

Maneesh Sethi

Founder and CEO, Pavlok -- Tools for Potential and Performance

Marco Nunzio Alati

Co-Founder, Taopatch

James R. Doty

Founder and Director, CCARE and Professor of Neurosurgery-Stanford University School of Medicine -- Find Compassion Righ

Henry Boulton

Chief Innovation Officer and CoFounder, FocusBand Technologies -- Tools for Heart, Happiness & Consciousness

Amy Baglan

Founder and CEO, Fabriq -- Tools for Social Health & Emotional Wellness

Lew Lim

Founder and CEO, Vielight -- Tools for Mental Health & Fitness

Alina Trigubenko

CEO and Founder, -- Tools for Mental Health & Fitness

Rohan Dixit

Founder, Lief Therapeutics -- Tools to Manage Stress, Anxiety, and Fear

Tim Chang

Partner at Mayfield Fund -- The New Shifts Impacting Wellbeing

Miri Polachek

CEO, Joy Ventures -- Launch Your Emotional Wellbeing Start-up, Right Now

Jean-Paul O'Brien

Founder and CEO Me Biosciences, Black Lab Sports -- Mental Wellness, Nutrition & the Gut

Alvaro Fernández Ibáñez

Aiming at Better Health & Performance for All via Brain & Cognitive Research, Digital Health and Neurotech

Kelly Roman

Co-Founder and CEO, Fisher Wallace -- Tools for Mental Health & Fitness

Ela Compton

CEO and Founder, Parent Pause -- Tools for Meditation & Calm

Maria Arvanitidou

VP of Business Development, Sentio Solutions Maker of Feel -- Tools for Heart, Happiness & Consciousness

Dr. Andres Fonseca

CEO, and Co-founder, Thrive -- Tools for Sleep & Balance

Sarah McDevitt

CEO and Founder, Core Wellness -- Tools for Meditation and Calm

Healium_Sarah Hill

CEO and Chief Storyteller, Healium -- Tools to Manage Stress, Anxiety, and Fear

Adam Greene

Co-Founder, Klaatch -- Tools for Social Health & Emotional Wellness


Founder, Social Health Society -- Tools for Social Health & Emotional Wellness

Marissa Brassfield

Co-Founder, Xploration Centre -- Helping your Kids Find Balance, Right Now

Charlie Hartwell

Operating Partner, Bridge Builders Collaborative -- The New Shifts Impacting Wellbeing

Dr. Amy Serin

Neuropsychologist, Co-Founder & CSO of Serin Center -- Tools to Manage Stress, Anxiety, and Fear

Brian Gilan

Product Manager, Marketing and Partnerships, Oura -- Tools for Sleep & Balance

Dr. Jeffery Martin

Co-Founder Transformative Tech -- Precision Meditation: Find Your Fit Right Now

Andy Swindler

Founder and Chief Empathy Officer at FeelReal -- Listening Sessions

Boaz Gaon

Founder and CEO, Wisdo -- Tools for Social Health & Emotional Wellness

Deborah Rozman

CEO, HeartMath -- Tools for Social Health & Emotional Wellness

Roy Raymann

Chief Scientific Officer, SleepScore Labs -- Getting A Good Nights Sleep Right Now


Chief Creative Officer & Executive Director, Global Wellness Institute

David Moss

President & CTO, People Power

Kim Warner

VP, Business Development, Feel

Ariel Garten

Inspiring Thought Leader, Co Founder and Chief Evangelist at Muse, Host of Untangle Podcast -- Tools for Meditation & Ca

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Hosted by

Transformative Tech Lab

We are the only global non-profit dedicated to the development of Wellbeing Technology.

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Come here for summit help!

AcousticSheep, makers of SleepPhones

Sleep,Stress and Anxiety; Consciousness Enhancement

Advanced Brain Technologies

Your Brain is Better on Music


AmpCoil: Sound and PEMF Technology to Cleanse. Shift. Transform.

Andromeda Entertainment

SoundSelf: Experience the First Virtual Psychedelic


The nanotech device that combines acupuncture and light therapy

Apollo Neuroscience, Inc.

Apollo is the first wearable to upgrade your body instead of just tracking it.


Your meditation habit building companion

AURA Devices

Change your health perception with AURA Devices

Aura Health

Stress and Anxiety,Mindfulness

Aurum Wellness

Personalized self-help & emotional health coaching.

Center for Advanced Hindsight, Duke University

Applying behavioral science for wellbeing

Digital Wellness Day (by the Digital Wellness Collective)

Social Wellness and Connecting


RoshiWave: Your Digital Mindfulness Trainer that Nicely Fits into Your Pocket and Hand!


Social Wellness and Connecting


All-in-one Business Management Platform for Coaching Organizations

Bioharmonic Techniologies

Vibrational Sound Therapy Technology for Surviving and Thriving in this New Earth.

BioSelf Technology Limited

The Power of Passive



Blisspot - Mental and Emotional Wellbeing Support and Education

Wellbeing for Life

Cognitive Enhancement

Braive AB

Staying Sane through Covid-19 with the help of iCBT

CalmiGo (Dendro Technologies)

CalmiGo - Your Smart Calming Companion


Canteen: Connect, learn, and earn


Collective Wisdom for crisis management; solve complex problems collectively.


Meditation you can feel, track, and stick with

Daily Haloha

Be a part. Not apart.


Wellness & holistic medicine Inc. Inc. is dedicated to solving chronic mental and physiological illnesses through proprietary content and software starting with anxiety


Driven - The virtual resilience coach in your pocket

Embr Labs

Embr Labs


Fabriq: Stay In Touch & Build Better Social Habits


Feeliom: Evolving Social Connection to Empower Mental Health


FitMind: Neuroscience-Based Meditation App

Flow - Meditation for modern life

Stress and Anxiety,Personal transformation

Focus At Will Labs

Cognitive Enhancement

FocusBand Technologies

Innovative brain tech that enables you to experience mental flow during your workday at home


FreeMind - Meditation and Motivation For Modern Times


Social media that's good for you: Could a Gratitude a day keep the doctor away?


Happyfeed: Daily Gratitude Journal


XR Powered by your Body's Electricity


Not everyone needs therapy, but we all need someone to talk to.

HeartMath Inc

The HeartMath Experience: Connecting with the Heart of Who You Truly Are

Hello Tomo

Mental Health. Shared.

HERE Global

Trauma-Informed Interactive Meditation

Human Online

The Human Minute: authentic heartfelt connection by Human Online

iAwake Technologies

Brainwave Entrainment Sound Technologies,Stress and Anxiety


Self-help for emotional health


Peace and Stress Relief

Journey Meditation

Journey LIVE: Bringing People Together for Calm and Connection

Joynaut Technologies LLP

Social Wellness and Connecting


Mental Support,Emotional Skills and Support


Social Wellness and Connecting


Turning neighbors into friends

Lief Therapeutics

Stress and Anxiety

Liferithms Inc

Find Time for Important Things

Living Ashram

Move from anxiety, fear and overwhelm to clarity, focus and peace

Lucia N°03 Bay Area Light Collective

Illuminating Consciousness with Lucia N°03 Hypnagogic Technology


An AI assistant for mental wellbeing, we support individuals with stress, emotions, attention and energy management.


Find your Self-Awareness and Empathy Now


Mental Support


At-home VR-training to quit smoking


MindSpa Personal Development System providing light and sound brainwave entrainment. Always with our 90-day unconditional effectiveness guarantee!

Mobio Interactive

Effective and Accessible Healthcare for Every Human.


Moodbit - Happier Employees


Technology Enhanced Meditation & Sleep

My Online Therapy

Mental Support


Mind Control and Jedi Brain Training tech for the Home


Social Wellness and Connecting

Neuma Being

Internal Reality Technology and Out-of-Body Experiences


The Complete Behavioral Health Solution


Consciousness Enhancement

Notch Interfaces Inc

Sensor-powered Personal Yoga Assistant


Happy Being App - your personalised wellbeing coach


Feel good escape games


Social Wellness and Connecting

Parents Pause LLC

Helping parents of small children stay sane.

Peak Achievement Training

Train Your Brain to Increase Your Happiness and Boost Your Immune System

People Power

People Power Family Care, a telehomecare system for the family, it helps us look after a loved one – remotely and easily while still living a busy life.


PlatoScience Neurostimulation - Your brain at its best


Stress and Anxiety

Positive Prime

Experience MindBlowing Results In as Little as 3 Minutes a Day!


Mental Support


An instantly available, proven and scalable mental wellbeing app


REVITA5 is a team management platform that increases performance and prevents burnout.


Better Healthcare Outcomes through Connection, Engagement and Visibility

Sana Health Inc

Relief made possible

Sensie Technologies

Feel Better On Demand

Sentio Solutions

Get the emotional support you deserve with the Feel Relief Program

Serin Center

Not every technology is meant for every brain.

Sharpen Health

Improve community-wide behavioral health outcomes through Sharpen

Solace Health, Inc.

The personalized mental health support platform


Stress and Anxiety

Somavedic Technologies

Thrive at work & home. Providing the most versatile EMF mitigation product on the market.

Prana Planet

Music and the Physics of Consciousness, Happiness, and Health in Times of Change


Helping you become futureproof


Other,Holistic Well-being

Stress Point Health

SPHERE™ by Stress Point Health is an innovative app designed to directly address your mind’s emotional response to stress, anxiety or PTSD


Detect and treat your corona symptoms before you suffer from it


Get stronger, happier, braver & more resilient

The Human Values Center

Social Wellness and Connecting

Thought Technology Ltd.

Unlock Human Potential by Measuring It

Thrive Therapeutic Software

Mental Support


Thync Introduces Zing Energy: Convenient, Affordable Neurostimulation for Energy and Focus

World Happiness Fest

The World Happiness Awards


Fitness For Your Inner Self


Professional mental health support online

Wellness Coach

A Combination of Stress, Sleep, and Physical & Mental Support

Ketka ltd

Emotional Skills and Support, Parental well being; mental support


World's First Smart Yoga Assistant


HappyWorks: connect, engage and thrive @ the workplace


A tool for mental wellness


How digital wellbeing apps can support the brain in difficult times

Prana Planet

Cultivate a self-reflective, morphogenic field of consciousness through meditative breathing, vibration, sound, and light.


AI-driven Social-Emotional Learning programs to improve emotional resilience & well-being for all.


AI Mindful Dream Analysis: Self Therapy – before your feet hit the floor!

YouROK Corp.

K’Bro is an app where you share your feelings to get a daily score on how you’re doing, not just with the game but in life.

zentor GmbH

mentor for the pursuit of happiness

Welltiss Ltd.

Mental Support,Sleep, Stress and Anxiety, Consciousness Enhancement

Voice of Health

Accessible Online Peer Support


U4Ea - Mindfulness on Demand

Virtual Sandtray, LLC

Virtual Sandtray: Accessible and Therapeutic!


Helping employees lead happier, healthier, and more engaged lives.

Vielight Inc

Photobiomodulation spotlight


Mobile app for personal growth and thriving

7 Cups

Unlimited, free, emotional support for all


Stress and Anxiety


Stress and Anxiety


Stress and Anxiety,Mental and Emotional Wellbeing



Wise Therapeutics

Personal Zen: A Clinically Validated Digital Treatment for Stress and Anxiety from Wise Therapeutics


The Class of Covid-19: The first ever study into how 25 million students are doing

Nonfiction Design

Purpose and Meaning

Woebot Labs Inc

Think Better, Feel Better with Woebot


Environmental Wellbeing

Wellnesys INC

Social Wellness and Connecting; Home Based Fitness Technology

Uplift Health Inc.

UpLift - Feel happier. Worry less. Boost energy. Live your life!

Wellin5 USA Inc.

A smart journaling tool to keeps clients engaged in-between therapy sessions

Quantified Citizen

Cognitive Enhancement,Mental Health, Well-being

Me Biosciences, Inc.

Cognitive Enhancement


You can access your inner calm and focus – anytime. Improve your well-being with neurofeedback-enhanced meditation.


Frequencies for Your Life