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FC BUILD Enterprise Conference

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Friends of Foundation


Stacey Epstein

CMO of Service Max

Abby Kearns

CTO of Puppet

Ali Ghodsi

Co-Founder & CEO of Databricks

Raffaello D'Andrea

Co-Founder of Kiva Systems & Verity

Alison Wagonfeld

CMO of Google Cloud

Jonathan Smalley

Founder & CEO Yaguara

Christopher Young

EVP Business Development at Microsoft

Ralph Clark

CEO of ShotSpotter

Vishy Gopalakrishnan

VP - Transformation at AT&T

Shruti Gandhi

GP at Array Ventures

Ryan Hoover

Founder of Product Hunt

Mark Settle

Former CIO of Okta

Eric Tan

SVP, IT & Business Services at Coupa Software

Corey Thomas

Chairman & CEO of Rapid7

Michelle Zatlyn

Co-Founder & COO of Cloudflare

Janine Pelosi

CMO of Zoom

Serena Yeung

Assistant Professor at Stanford University

Frank Slootman

Chairman & CEO of Snowflake

Jamil Farshchi

CISO at Equifax

Helen Greiner

CEO at Tertill

Edith Harbaugh

Co-Founder & CEO of LaunchDarkly

Justin Borgman

Chairman & CEO of Starburst

Lee Mayer

Founder & CEO of Havenly

Dan Springer

CEO of DocuSign

Friedrich Wetschnig

CISO & VP Enterprise Information Technology at Flex

Amy Chang

Board member, Procter&Gamble and SambaNova

George Kurtz

Co-Founder, President, & CEO of CrowdStrike

sukhinder singh cassidy

Founder & Chairman of theBoardlist

Shweta Maniar

Global Leader at Google Cloud

Ariana Thacker

Managing Partner, Investor at Conscience VC

Pete Soderling

General Partner at Data Community Fund

Nick Mehta

CEO of Gainsight

Cathy Southwick

CIO at Pure Storage

Molly MacDaniel

COO of Dropbox

Ashutosh Garg

Founder & CEO of Eightfold

Michael DeCesare

Co-Chairman of Forescout Technologies

Doug Merritt

CEO of Splunk

Jason Warner

CTO of GitHub

Shamla Naidoo

Managing Partner, IBM

Prashanth Chandrasekar

CEO of Stack Overflow

Sri Shivananda

SVP, CTO at PayPal

Daisy Hernandez

SVP, Strategy & Operations

Jen Grant

CEO, Appify

Andrew Feldman

Co-Founder & CEO of Cerebras

Tien Tzuo

Founder & CEO of Zuora

Mackenzie Kosut

Global Startup Advocate at AWS

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