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Event Without Walls April Networking Event

: You must login to your Hopin account in order to join the event. Go to the Sessions and have face-to-face chats with your family and friends :-)

#EWWLive #EventWithoutWalls

Welcome to the Event Without Walls Networking Event. We've created this social event for you so that you can connect with your loved ones online.
This is your opportunity to learn and share with your family, friends and like-minded people - right from the comfort of your home or office!

We make it extremely easy and safe for you to
  • interact with your family and friends 100% completely online
  • socialize with each other real-time in a highly engaging manner
  • no financial cost

Watch a 2-minute video here

Limited tickets available!

What do you need?
  • good Internet connection
  • your device must have a video-camera so that you can enable your video and audio setup
  • create a Hopin account
  • register for this EWW Networking event (share the event listing with your family and friends so that they can sign up)
  • login and enter the event (Use Google Chrome for the best user experience)
  • have fun (you can hop in to the event whenever you're available for almost three days)

What you can do
  • create a Breakout session in the Sessions area, choices of
    • a public session where anyone can join OR
    • a Moderated session so that you can manage who can go live on screen
  • 1:1 live chats* in the Networking area (the system will pair you with another attendee in the Networking area)

Important: * It's real-time speed networking and the system will pair you with another attendee in the Networking Area. Your profile will only be exchanged if you mutually connect with another attendee during your 1:1 networking chat. You'll find their contact information under the Newest Connection section.

Limited tickets available!

On The Event Date
  • Login early (Suggest to use Google Chrome or Safari for the best user experience. Do not use Brave or Safari)
  • Familarize yourself with the virtual conference setup (our navigation map here)

Want to sponsor our next event, rent an event booth, interested to be our guest speaker, need help to organize a virtual conference? Visit our website for more information.

Disclosure: Depending on the Internet traffic and connection strength, some attendees may experience glitches. Suggest to close your browser and try again. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

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Event Without Walls

Our virtual conference is packed with live keynotes, interactive sessions & 1:1 networking. You will walk away with an incredible learning experience!

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