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Equity & Inclusion Congress - Part 2 | Setting Our New Path

398 people attended
Inaugural 4A’s Equity & Inclusion Congress
We acknowledge that the industry we all work in CAN and SHOULD do more, with greater ENERGY and SPEED, to increase the DIVERSITY within our organizations. 
Diversity is more than statistics. It must also be seen and felt, in the actions we take, the language we use, how we interact, the places we present ourselves, and how we open ourselves up to challenge.
To move forward, those of us who hold power must show through our actions and words that we are serious about delivering social good with people, and not to people.
We must hold ourselves accountable for seeking out the voices too often ignored, to listen and respond, and in so doing, share our power with generosity and enthusiasm. 
Therefore, we need to commit ourselves to action. To speak openly about our limitations, acknowledge our gaps, and communicate our shared ambition.
We ask for agencies to commit to supporting the industry, to explore and understand how we can be more equitable and inclusive of everyone in our industry. We need to clarify our ambitious goals and work together not only to improve but make an impact that can be measured. 
To achieve this, we will build a working manifesto for the US advertising industry to guide and drive our work over the coming months and years. We hope that every agency will join the 4A’s in developing this manifesto at the Inaugural Equity & Inclusion Congress.
This is not a conference. It is designed explicitly as a congress, to bring together the best minds, knowledge, and ideas to work as one to create a better industry for all. 
Strengthen the advancement of diverse populations in the industry by providing an interactive congress that includes advocacy, workshops and delivers outcomes. 
The 4A’s Equity & Inclusion Congress will rally the industry to address the social, cultural, and organizational challenges experienced by our diverse populations. 
The industry is coming together to share initiatives, ideas, and challenges.
  • An opportunity for Talent, DE&I, HR leaders to come together and collaborate to help solve the challenges we all face. 
  • Agreement to act with a higher purpose and commit to being anti-racist talent leaders.
  • Creating a unified network of leaders with a familiar voice to advance change 
Why Now?
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion now stand at the heart of every agency. Recent events have reminded us that systemic racism is real in the workplace. It is time for the advertising industry to take meaningful action. As an industry, we need to set aside our competitive nature and work together to create a better industry for our BIPOC talent. It is up to us to ensure a better future, representative of everyone.


· Stage
Welcome - Part 2 Day 1 - Setting Our New Path
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How business Success Drives Diversity
The panel will discuss how transparency is imperative to drive accountability across contractual agreements with clients, suppliers, and employees.
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Alignment & Calibration
· Stage
Attendees will break out into 4 groups to work on the manifesto.
· Stage
Workstream Report/Close
Attendees will return from their break out groups and provide summaries of their work as a group..
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Congress Address


Christian Borges

SVP Marketing, Truex

Marla Kaplowitz

President & CEO, 4A's

Simon Fenwick

EVP, Talent Equity & Inclusion, 4A's

Jason Smith

Chief Business Officer, Location Sciences

Ronnie Dickerson Stewart (she/her/hers)

Chief Diversity Officer, Publicis Groupe

Sherice Torres

Global Inclusion Director, Google

Jason Rosario

Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer, BBDO

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Hosted by

4A's Foundation

The 4A’s foundation exists to advocate for and connect diverse talent to the marketing industry.

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