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ees Innovation Day

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Rudolf Schell

Service Engineer, Solax Power Europe GmbH

Michael Steininger-Yang

Marketing & PR Specialist, Alpha ESS

Thomas Huemer

Business Development Manager, xelectrix Power GmbH

Joey Qiao

Sales Manager, BYD Company Limited

Dirk Kaisers

Segment Leader Distributed Energy Management EMEA, Eaton Electric

Hans Urban

Business Development, Smart Power GmbH

zackes Brustik


Stefan Krokowski

Head of Sales & Marketing Residential ESS EMEA, LG Chem Europe GmbH

KP Kairies

Director Technical Consulting, RWTH Aachen University

Yayoi Sekine

Head of Decentralized Energy, BloombergNEF

Sabine Kloos

Project Manager Power2Drive Europe & ees Europe

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Alpha ESS

An energy storage system integrator covering full power range

BYD Company Limited

Get to know the new and advanced successor of the most efficient and flexible Battery: the Battery-Box Premium for residential and commercial systems

Eaton Electric

We make what matters work.

LG Chem Europe GmbH

Innovative storage solutions made by LG Chem

Shenzhen SOFARSOLAR Co Ltd.

You Best Choice for AC Storage Hybrid Solutions and String Inverters

Smart Power GmbH

Großspeichersysteme – Schlüssel zur Energiewende

SolaX Power Network Technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.

Your Residential Energy Storage Expert

Soluna Energy Storage System

Power Designed for Night and Day

xelectrix Power GmbH

Energy, Optimization, Storage and Control