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EEAC 28th Annual Conference: Delivering a Just Transition for All

The Conference

Ireland and the European Union are committed to the transformation to a sustainable, inclusive, thriving net zero economy and society.  The 28th EEAC Network will focus on how the principles of justice, fairness, equality and equity of a just transition can act as a lever and guide to shape policies and practices to deliver the transformation. 

The Conference is being hosted online by NESC – the National Social and Economic Council of Ireland - a member of the EEAC.  NESC’s recent work on just transition and employment vulnerability will provide a valuable input to the conference. Over the three days, a diverse mix of experts, academics, Councils and policy makers will contribute to this exciting and unique event, which will comprise a mix of keynote speakers, panel discussions and spotlight sessions. NESC is honoured that the conference will include a keynote address by the President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins.

Further information about the Spotlight Sessions will be sent to attendees in the following weeks.  Attendees will then be able to choose which spotlight session(s) they wish to attend, and will be informed on how to sign up and how to attend on the day. 

What will be discussed?

The conference will provide an online forum for Irish and European colleagues to share perspectives, experiences and practices and develop a common understanding and concrete strategies for making progress. 

The conference will shed light on how other countries and regions are managing the transition process away from fossil fuels, and examine the potential contribution of participatory processes. Transitions represent enormous challenges, but provide an opportunity for inclusion and participation, reflecting a key ambition of the 2030 Agenda that no-one should be left behind.

Click HERE to download the programme.

Who will be coming?

This online gathering will bring together advisory bodies from across Europe including Ireland, their stakeholders, international experts, policymakers and practitioners to reflect on what a just transition means and how it is shaping policy and practice.

Spotlight Sessions

Attendees will be able to choose any spotlight session(s) they wish to attend on the day.  However, an email will issue in the week commencing 19 October to all those registered, asking them to indicate their preferred sessions.  This is to let the session hosts know of the likely level of interest.

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· Stage
Welcome: Dr Cara Augustenborg, Moderator
· Stage
Dr Larry O’Connell : NESC’s Just Transition Work
· Stage
Session A: Just Transition - Principles and Mission, What is a fair, inclusive and equitable green transition and why do we need it?
Minister Eamon Ryan, Ms Kadri Simson (TBC), Ms Sharon Burrow
· Stage
Session A: Q&A
· Stage
Short commissioned video / creative input (National Youth Council of Ireland)
· Stage
Session B: Learning from JT Practices and Institutions Panel Discussion
Dr Robert Pollock, Dr Fergus Green, Ms Charlotte Hartley
· Stage
Session B: Q&A
· Sessions
Session C: Levers to Drive a Just Transition. Sessions led by Prof Anna Davies, Irish Climate Change Advisory Council
Spotlight Sessions - Participants will have the opportunity to choose 1 out of 3 sessions to attend
· Stage
· Sessions
Session D: Levers to Drive a Just Transition. Sessions led by Dr Jeanne Moore, Dr Luc Boot, Ms Nathalie Boucquey & Ms Hannah Janetschek
Spotlight Sessions: Participants will have the opportunity to choose 1 out of 3 sessions to attend
· Stage
Welcome and Recap of the event so far
· Stage
Session E: Participatory Processes for a Fair and Inclusive Transition What role for Commissions, Councils and Social Dialogue
Live input from Councils and Multi-stakeholder Bodies, including Mr Peter Schmidt, Mr Arnau Queralt-Bassa, Ms Elif Gündüzyeli, Mr Luke Murphy
· Stage
Session F: What Next for Just Transition Mission, Process & Practice in the context of Covid-19? Panel discussions led by Dr Patrick Bresnihan, Ms Alice Charles, Prof Raphael J Heffron, Dr Edouard Morena & Ms Sandrine Dixson-Declѐve
Introduction by Dr Larry O'Connell, and Keynote address by the President of Ireland, Uachtarán na hÉireann Mr Michael D. Higgins
· Stage
Wrap Up


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