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DrupalJam 2020 re:Boot

We are happy to announce Drupaljam 2020 re:Boot. This your will also be a 2 day event: Drupaljam re:Boot Core will be held Friday 6 November 2020, starting at 13:00 CET. Saturday 7 November 2020 is for Contribution Day Contrib! 


Our aim is to create a gathering that isn’t solely a broadcast of sessions, but allows for interaction, socializing and exchange of ideas and conversations. Including the  Drupaljam re:Boot PubQuiz which we are definitely trying to keep in! And, we are also planning Contribution Day on Saturday 7 November 2020, with details coming soon.

Free for all

And whats more, Drupaljam 2020 re:Boot will be FREE TO ATTEND for everyone! A big praise to our sponsors, who make this amazing event inclusive for all during these extraordinary times!

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Keynote 1 - Erwin Blom
Erwin Blom is the former head of the VPRO Digital department en co-founder of The Crowds.
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Sponsored Track 1
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Keynote 2 - Marc Canter
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re:Boot PubQuiz®


Michel van Velde

CEO and co-founder @ One Shoe

AmyJune Hineline - volkswagenchick (she/her)

Open Source Community Ambassador and QA Engineer @ Kanopi Studios

Marc Canter

Software toolsmith @


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Hosted by

Dutch Drupal Association

Drupaljam 2020 re:Boot is being organized by the Dutch Drupal Association. Keep an eye on our social media and website for news and updates.


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