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Driving Systemic Change: How Learning, Technology & Coaching are Shaping the Future of Work

Driving Systemic Change: How Learning, Technology & Coaching are Shaping the Future of Work - Thursday, October 22, 2020
Brought to you by AceUp and the Institute of Coaching

Join us on Thursday, October 22, 2020, alongside prominent CEOs, thought leaders, and best-selling authors that will highlight the revolutionary tech-enabled innovations that are disrupting learning and coaching to drive systemic change for people and organizations. Stimulate your brain with TEDx style talks, panels, and workshops that will show us how learning and coaching is the Future of Work.

All proceeds for the event will go directly to the IOC (non-profit) to further its mission to empower positive change through coaching science and to foster diversity in the coaching industry.

Why join us for this summit?
The current crises are transforming the way we live and work, and what people and organizations need to do to adapt and lead through change. Experience thoughtful sessions with direct action takeaways on how leaders and organizations can support their people and drive positive change in the coming months.

Who is it for?

  • Coaches
  • Executives
  • Leadership Teams
  • HR Professionals
  • L&D Professionals
  • Thought Leaders


This virtual summit provides all attendees with an engaging conference experience. Virtual participation benefits include:

NETWORKING - Networking is always open! Meet with experts, potential clients and strategic partners. Communicate privately with fellow attendees and speakers via direct chat video call.
INTERACTIVE SESSIONS - Attend live panel discussions and keynotes on topics related to driving systemic change and ask questions.
BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES - Develop new relationships through 1:1 matchmaking using our video conference platform available to all attendees.

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Some of the confirmed speakers include:
  • Dr. Frances Frei - Harvard Business School, Professor of Leadership & Management
  • Dr. Marshall Goldsmith - Thinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the World
  • Carla Harris, MBA - Morgan Stanley, Vice Chairman and Managing Director
  • Amy Goldfinger - Walmart, Senior Vice President, Global Talent
  • Sanyin Siang, MBA - Duke University, Executive Director, Thinkers 50 #1 Executive Coach in the World
  • Stephane Charbonnier - L'Oréal, CHRO
  • Paul Francisco - State Street, Chief Diversity Officer
  • Dr. Carol Kauffman - Institute of Coaching, Founder & Co-Chair
  • Dr. Anant Agarwal - EdX, Founder & CEO
  • Dr. David Peterson - Google, Director of Leadership & Coaching

In preparation for attendance, please download (or update) the google chrome browser and review the event-specific attendee guide.
Also find, Additional technical support and Event website FAQs.

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· Stage
Introduction to the Full-day Summit by AceUp and IOC Founders

Carol Kauffman Will Foussier
· Stage
KEYNOTE: "Are You A Multiplier?"
Liz Wiseman looks at various types of leaders and identifies two different types: Diminishers and Multipliers.
Liz Wiseman
· Stage
PANEL: From Awareness to Real Action
Engaging panel + Q&A to help our audience identify clear, specific action-steps that can help organizational leaders and coaches lead change now.
Marshall  Goldsmith Sanyin  Siang Amy Goldfinger Stephane Charbonnier Paul Francisco Corey Thomas Carla Harris
· Stage
ACTIVITY: Body Language to Build Trust and Lead Remotely
During this workshop, Rachel Cossar will teach our audience what body language can help leaders build trust and lead online.
Rachel Cossar
· Breakout Rooms
BREAKOUT: Session with AceUp Coaches
For 30 minutes, participate in a breakout session with AceUp Coaches, Attend a Networking Session, or Just Take a Break!
· Stage
KEYNOTE: The Necessary Reckoning of Corporate America
In light of the recent events, Terry will discuss how learning and coaching are essential to drive necessary change in the workplace.
Terry  Jackson
· Stage
PANEL: A CEO Panel on How Technology Transforms The Way We Learn, Behave & Grow at Work
This CEO panel with disruptive innovators in education technology will discuss how tech will transform the way we behave at work post-COVID-19.
Mandy Price Will Foussier Terry  Jackson Margaret Moore Anant Agarwal
· Stage
INTERVIEW: “A Fireside Chat”
In this fireside chat, Frances will have an intimate conversation with IOC’s Founder Dr. Carol Kauffman to discuss why the fundamental principles of leadership.
Carol Kauffman Frances Frei
· Breakout Rooms
BREAKOUT: Sessions with AceUp Coaches
For 15 minutes, participate in a breakout session with AceUp Coaches, Attend a Networking Session, or Just Take a Break!
· Stage
KEYNOTE: How do we Measure Behavioral Change in People & Organizations
Dr. David Peterson will discuss some of the most cutting-edge research on how to measure change in people and organizations. 
David Peterson
· Stage
PANEL: A CEO Panel on Fostering Behavioral Change at Scale with Technology
How can technology can help us become better humans? Join esteemed CEOs for a dynamic discussion.
Beth Porter Carol Kauffman David Peterson Julia  Dhar (Fetherston) Lindsay  Schutte Crittendon Jen Brown (Heckle)
· Stage
ACTIVITY: “The Secret of Disruptive Leaders and Organizations: What is Holding You Back?”
Charlene Li will share her secrets on what makes leaders and organizations disruptive, and lead an activity.
Charlene Li
· Stage
CLOSING SESSION: Where do we go from here?
Join speakers and moderators from the day to identify specific solutions for leaders and organizations to support their people and drive positive change.
Will Foussier


Beth Porter

Riff Analytics, Founder & CEO, Lecturer at MIT in Human Dynamics

Mandy Price

Kanarys, Founder & CEO

Carol Kauffman

Institute of Coaching, Founder & Co-Chair

Will Foussier

AceUp, Founder & CEO

Charlene Li

YPO, Board Member

Rachel Cossar

Choreography for Business, Founder and Executive Presence Coach

Jen Brown (Heckle)

People Science Consulting at Humu

Lindsay Schutte Crittendon

Head of Headspace for Work

Stephane Charbonnier

CHRO L'Oreal

Amy Goldfinger

SVP Talent at Walmart

Julia Dhar (Fetherston)

Partner at BCG and Founder of 'BeSmart'

David Peterson

7 Paths Forward, LLC, Co-Founder

Frances Frei

HBS, Professor

Anant Agarwal

EdX, Founder & CEO

Margaret Moore

Institute of Coaching, Co-Founder and Chair

Terry Jackson

JCG Consulting Group, COO

Carla Harris

Vice Chairman and Managing Director at Morgan Stanley

Corey Thomas

Rapid 7 CEO

Paul Francisco

State Street, Chief Diversity Officer

Sanyin Siang

Duke, Executive Director of the Fuqua/Coach K Center on Leadership & Ethics (COLE)

Marshall Goldsmith

Marshall Goldsmith Group, Founder

Liz Wiseman

The Wiseman Group, President


From $89.00 to $455.00
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Driving Systemic Change: How Technology and Coaching Are Shaping the Future of Work

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