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Digital Workshop Test #205

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Attend a private and interactive pre-accelerator sessions, regularly done with new entrepreneurs and investors, company executives, creatives, digital advertising agencies and brands -- to develop your startup ideas in a fast-changing world of tech and innovation. Join for as little as one day, or every day for two weeks, or even one or two days every month.

10:00 Your why and culture.
Identify and develop your why, and your understanding of the importance of startup cultures that help to shape challenges and ideas into a great product, service or platform.

11:00 Building blocks to a great startup.
Understand the building blocks to great startups and how they work together: addressing a real problem, a viable and defensible product, great market knowledge, a great business model, finding your market fit, building traction, understanding the truth about competition and building your team.
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Johnny Boufarhat
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