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Success and financial freedom are often mentioned.
Some feel like they have achieved it but want more and are afraid of losing it tomorrow. They are the successful but paranoid.  So they keep going hard.
Others sense they are never going to arrive, have dreams and ideas but never take the first step. Some are sitting at the executive desk or they could be washing floors or wiping tables.
So quiet desperation is often a constant state of mind. With a common question. Am I doing enough?…could I do more?
But despite the paranoia there is one truth that can’t be argued with:
Unless you start nothing happens
What drives that motivation?
I would love to be able to reveal the secret formula to starting for those that can’t find that motivation. But it is something that sits inside each one of us.
It can show show up when you have failed big. The pain is so strong that the resistance can no longer hold you back.
You are in a space of having nothing to lose.

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Johnny Boufarhat
Johnny Boufarhat
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Dave Schools
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