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DEWESOFT VMC2020: DAY4 - Vehicle Analysis

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Primož Gorenšek

Automotive Application Engineer, Dewesoft

Jure Knez

President & cofounder, Dewesoft

Nina Kovač

Application engineer, Dewesoft

Günther Prokop

University Dresden Germany

Bojan Contala

Assistant VP Sales, Dewesoft

Marco Pesce

Automotive Applications Engineer, LEANE International s.r.l.

Thomas Jensen

Structural specialist, FORCE Technology

Josep Gomez-Soriano

PhD. Mechanical Engineer, CMT-Motores Térmicos, Universitat Politècnica de València

David Krasser


Laurent Chalard

Sales Director, GeneSys Elektronik GmbH

Sean Haney

TRAX Test Services, Yuma Proving Grounds, USA

Aljaž Kropivšek

Application Engineer for Control and Automation, Dewesoft

Andrej Dolenc

Software engineer, Dewesoft

Helmut WEISS

O.Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn., Montan University Leoben Austria

Rok Brumec

Application engineer, Dewesoft

Stefan Bender

AMFD – Auto Mobil Forschung Dresden GmbH

Daren Bezuidenhout

Application engineer - Power group, Dewesoft


Test engineer, AGCO Massey Ferguson France

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