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Denver Growth Hackers - Is Technology an Addiction or an Asset?

44 people attended
Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn..

Constant notifications on our phone..

Then texts, emails, calls..

So many notifications all the time!

Are we sitting there waiting for the next buzz on our phone to distract us from the monotony of life?

Or are we using technology to empower us...

Really it comes down to whether or not we control technology or it controls us..

Our Fireside Chat guest this month is Rob Krecak, serial entrepreneur, investor, and coach. We'll explore technology addiction, the psychological effects, the impacts on children and parents, and more.

What to expect:

6:00PM - Fireside Chat with Rob Krecak begins
6:45PM - Audience Q&A with Rob Krecak
7:00PM - Split into networking groups of 5 to connect more


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Fireside Chat with Rob Krecak
· Stage
Q&A with Rob Krecak
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Networking Sessions


Jason August

Growth Hacker

Robert A. Krecak

Entrepreneur & Technology Addiction Expert

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