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· Stage
Data Visualisation in the COVID Era
Andy Kirk, Visualising Data | How the pandemic has changed how we visualise and consume data
· Stage
New Art-Inspired Approaches in DataViz
Stefanie Posavec & Miriam Quick | Lessons from "I am a Book. I am a Portal to the Universe"
· Stage
Stakeholder Collaboration Skills for More Effective Analytics
Steve Hulmes, Sophic | Why your organisation needs you to change your way of working
· Stage
Creating an Effective and Beautiful Data Visualisation from Scratch
Nadieh Bremer, Visual Cinnamon | Watch in real time how to create breathtaking data visualisations in D3
· Networking
Networking time
· Stage
Applying Racial Equity Awareness in Data Visualisation
Jon Schwabish, PolicyViz | Taking a racial and equity-conscious lens to data communication and visualisation
· Stage
Data Analytics for StarCraft II
Mina Ozgen, Aimpoint Digital | How passion projects can advance your dataviz skill set, as well as help a community you care about
· Stage
Re-thinking Data Visualisation as a Product
David Pires, Expedia Group | How to build better data products that are engaging and long lasting
· Stage
Create Visuals that Speak to the World
Lyndsey Pereira-Brereton - Head of DataViz, Bank of England | Learn the techniques used at the Bank of England to communicate data to a global audience
· Networking
Pre-Event Networking - Hosted by the Data Visualization Society
Join DVS Director Julia Krolik, and jump into small chatrooms with other DataVizzers around the world, to make some new connections.
· Networking
Networking time
· Expo
How to Create Engaging Animations the Quick and Easy Way with Matplotlib
Max Humber, General Assembly | The creator of the gazpacho Python library gives a crash course in quickly generating engaging animated visuals.
· Stage
Offline Marketing and Digital KPI's: How can you Bridge the Gap?
Alice Speranza, The Economist | Build visual reporting capability for managing multiple offline marketing partners
· Stage
Nature does Data
Joshua Smith, CoverMyMeds | Step outside the conference and draw inspiration from how data is coded into the physical world
· Networking
Networking time
· Stage
Data Literacy: A Critical Element to Building a Data-Driven Culture
Sarah Nell-Rodriquez & Chris Harris, Salesforce | What Data Literacy means for business, and how to develop it in your organisation.
· Stage
Colouring with Data
Alan Wilson - Principal Designer, Adobe | Learn how to harness the power of colour to make you charts more intuitive, accurate, and beautiful
· Stage
Building a Data-Driven Culture and Organisation
Jordan Morrow- Head of Data Literacy, Qlik |
· Sessions
Tableau vs. PowerBI vs. Data Studio - Which is best for which situation?
Three leading platforms, each with their own chorus of advocates and critics. Which is right for you, for your organisation, and in which situation? Pro only
· Sessions
Selecting the Perfect Chart
Learn how ideas from UX, storytelling, stage magic & gamification can identify the chart type and design that will get the most engagement. Pro only, max 25
· Sessions
The Little of Data Visualisation
Exclusive workshop with Andy Kirk - learn how minor design changes have huge impact on your visuals and dashboards. Booked separately
· Sessions
Personalised Visuals to Embed Actions in Daily Life
Find out how DataViz tuned to the individual can streamline and improve day-to-day operations. Pro only, max 25


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