Data-Driven Design Day 2020 DDDD2020

Helsinki Design Week is arranging the sixth annual Data-Driven Design Day on schedule,Tuesday 8th Sep 2020. Due to the unusual circumstances we have decided to hold the event as a digital-first conference which you can attend from anywhere in the world!

The theme this year is Committed to Excellent Services for Everyone. With this topic, we have curated a program of over handful talks that will provide novel perspectives on data-driven service design. Service design if anything provides a sweet conflict for competing interests between utilization of qualitative data, interpretation, and design intuition vs. rationalist, extremely evidence-based, and quantitative data-obsessed thinking. What is the right mix?

We will hear stories across industries, including speakers from prominent large international and Finnish organizations including 
  • BBC
  • K Group 
  • Fortum
  • Posti
  • YLE
  • Sanoma Media Finland
  • HSL
  • Helen
You can expect detailed insider stories of what design using data inside these organizations means.

Our digital conference format will be a single-track with great opportunities for attendees to engage with speakers, comment on the presentations as well as network with each other in one-to-one meetings. 

The event will be held in English.

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Lassi A Liikkanen / HDW/Qvik : Welcome to DDDD 2020!
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Tarja Jääskeläinen and Eeva Jakobsson / HSL - HRT : Data and customer insight in the service development
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Jenni Müller and Noora Piispanen / YLE : Yle Uutisvahti Fan Day – Let the fans take over!
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Juho Paasonen and Angelos Arnis / Posti : Reimagining a mammoth: How Posti is shedding its skin with data-driven service design
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Hanna-Reetta Luukkainen / K Group : Empowering customers with their data —K-Ostokset
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Sakari Forslund / Fortum : Improving customer experience with analytics
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Lunch break
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Gareth Ford Williams, Bruno Maag and David Bailey / BBC : Accessible typography at the BBC
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Clemens Westrup / Sanoma Media Finland : Service Design x Data Science
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Anna Salminen and Markus Tammi / Helen : The Role of Data-driven Service Design in a Carbon Neutral Energy Future
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Lassi A Liikkanen / HDW : Daily digest and a word of thanks


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Helsinki Design Week

Data-Driven Design Day is a full-day event held annually during Helsinki Design Week.