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d20 Lightning Talks: Five Perspectives on Diabetes Stigma

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Join us for five lightning talks on the topic of diabetes and other stigmas and learn how we can change the narrative to eliminate it!

d20 Lightning Talks: Five Perspectives on Diabetes Stigma
3:00pm PT / 6:00pm ET 

Event opens for networking at 2:00pm PDT / 5:00pm EDT
Speakers begin at 3:00pm PDT / 6:00pm EDT

The diaTribe Foundation invites you to the d20 Lightning Talks! Join us on October 13 when five speakers will explore different aspects of the under-discussed issue of Diabetes Stigma, and what we can do to end it. We are thrilled to hear from Anthony Anderson, star of the hit ABC sitcom, Blackish, who will share his experience with Type 2 Diabetes and illuminate why it's important to raise awareness around diabetes to combat stigma. We’ll hear from diabetes physician, researcher, and former President of the American Diabetes Association, Dr. James Gavin III, who will give us the physician's perspective on the stigma and discrimination that people with diabetes face. Joan Garry, former executive director of GLAAD, will speak on how that organization transformed the lives of LGBTQ people in America by addressing stigma. Renowned obesity stigma expert from the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, Rebecca Puhl, will talk about the harm disease stigma causes and what can be done to address it. CEO of the FrameWorks Institute, Nat Kendall-Taylor, will introduce us to the science of changing public perceptions by creating a new narrative. 

Three Reasons Why You Should Attend: 

  • Learn from five highly regarded experts about the types and impacts of stigma and how changing narratives can reduce stigma
  • Empower yourself to join the work in changing narratives to reduce stigma
  • Meet members of the diabetes community from around the world in live networking
We look forward to seeing you on October 13 for our d20 Lightning Talks event. Please spread the word and share this event with anyone interested in learning more about stigma, healthcare, diabetes outcomes, barriers to care, and the power of narrative-building and story-telling. Register Now! And join the conversation on Twitter with #d20LightningTalks.

The program will include these incredible speakers, moderated by David Lee Strasberg of The Lee Strasberg Institute, with more speakers to be added:


Actor | Blackish

Chief Medical Officer | Healing Our Village, Inc.

JOAN GARRY – How Stigma Shapes Impact - Lessons from the LGBTQ Rights Movement
Principal | Joan Garry Consulting
Former Executive Director | GLAAD

REBECCA PUHL The Harmful Impact of Disease Stigma: Lessons from Obesity Research 
Professor of Human Development & Family Sciences | University of Connecticut 
Deputy Director | Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity

NAT KENDALL-TAYLOR The Science of Framing for Impact
Chief Executive Officer | FrameWorks Institute

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d20 Lightning Talks


Anthony Anderson

Actor; Star of ABC series Black-ish

Dr. James R. Gavin III

Chief Medical Officer, Healing Our Village; Past President, American Diabetes Association

Nat Kendall-Taylor

Chief Executive Officer, FrameWorks

Rebecca Puhl

Professor of Human Development & Family Sciences, U. of Conn.; Deputy Director. Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity

Joan Garry

Principal, Joan Garry Consulting; Former Executive Director, GLAAD

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We work to improve the lives of people with diabetes, prediabetes and obesity, and to advocate for action.

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