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CUTC 2020: Reconnect

1572 people attended
Built for all students interested in design, development, product, entrepreneurship, and all things tech! July 18 - REGISTER NOW!

About this Event

For two decades, we've brought together students like you from across the country - creators, designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, budding scientists, and young visionaries - to change the way you see technology. 

This year, we’re hosting CUTC virtually. Students can join anytime, anywhere. In light of our 20th anniversary, the Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference Foundation will be donating funds to Black Mental Health Canada for the first 2020 participants.

REGISTER NOW FOR FREE for an amazing line up on July 18th!
• Speakers from big companies like Google, Facebook, RBC, Shopify, Palantir, Tally, Microsoft, and more!
• Discover AI Challenge with Microsoft and Agorize (PRIZES TO BE WON!)
• Challenge
• Design, AI, Data Science Workshops, and more!
• Recruiter Sessions with Representatives from BMO, SAP, Square, Uber, and more!
• Women in Tech Presented by RBC
• Resume Roasts and Makers' Fair

Don't forget to register and let your friends know! To view more details and the full conference schedule, visit Learn more about our speakers, challenges, and 2020 mission to Reconnect the Community.

Have any questions? Reach out to us on social media (@cutc2020) or send us an email at [email protected]!


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· Stage
Open Ceremony
Eric Rafat discusses strategies for creating your own startup
Daniel Martinovic (CUTC Organizer) Nicole Shum Eric Rafat
· Sessions
Phil de Luna: Making the most of your twenties
Going from academia to carbontech co-founder to program director of the Government of Canada, Phil will provide advice on how to make the most of your 20s
Phil De Luna
· Expo
Flipp [LIVE]
Connect with Flipp representatives through this session!
Lauren C
· Stage
Keynote: You are the luckiest students in the past 25 years
Once in a while, we live through a moment that is important. Let's talk about what that means, what opportunities it opens up and how you might respond.
Dave Rensin
· Sessions
Keynote: Exploring IoT for Social Good
How do we build solutions that make a difference in the world? Sarah explores IoT concepts and talks about how Microsoft’s Project Edison and it's impact!
Sarah Maston
· Sessions
Fireside with Kathleen and Tina
Tina, Senior Marketing Director at Microsoft and Kathleen, Growth Architect at BCG DV, chat about defining moments in their careers.
Kat Garcia Tianhui Yang (CUTC Organizer) Tina Eskridge
· Expo
Connect with RBC representatives through this session!
Jade Chan
· Sessions
IoT Workshop with Sarah Maston and Daisuke Nakahara
Daisuke will walk through concepts around data ingestion, event processing & real time notification and give direction on how to get started.
Karl Zhu (CUTC Organizer) Sarah Maston Daisuke Nakahara
· Sessions
Entrepreneurship Panel
From idea to exit, each startup and their founders go through unique experiences. Look at what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur!
Riya Karumanchi Marianne Bell Anna Pinol Chris Schmidt Chris Hoquis
· Sessions
Resume Critique
Join JobJunxion as they set about judging a series of resumes submitted by you! Gain key takeaways to use on your own resumes from a modern hiring platform!
Jack Litchfield Bill Liu (CUTC Organizer) Sarah Gray
· Stage
Martha Nino: An Immigrant's Journey to Tech
Her past did not define her and most importantly did not stop her. Join Martha as she shares her unconventional journey into tech.
Martha Nino
· Sessions
Cloud Dev-Ops & Global Security Threats with Jason from SOTI
Jason will discuss the importance of following best practices, explore security incidents and help define overall success in the Cloud.
Daniel Martinovic (CUTC Organizer)
· Sessions
Embracing human-centred design in public service with Xiaopu Fung
Technology is disruptive and public servants must start with user research. Xiaopu will share examples of decisions made with and without user research.
Jayden Hsiao Xiaopu Fung
· Sessions
A New Career Paradigm Where You Can Have It All with Jonathan Kwan
Jon will introduce a new career paradigm that will change your outlook on what is possible, and answer: what should I do when I graduate?
Tianhui Yang (CUTC Organizer) Jonathan Kwan
· Sessions
Social Entrepreneurship with Ravina Anand
Ravina will discuss her journey towards social entrepreneurship and highlight her experience as a female founder.
Anushka Birla Ravina Anand
· Sessions
Fireside with Karl Moore and Henry Shi
Karl chats with Henry, SnapTravel Founder and a Forbes’ 30 Under 30, about overcoming adversity and building paths to success from scratch.
Henry S Karl Moore
· Stage
Keynote: The Three Pillars of Product Decision Making with Ravi Mehta
Ravi Mehta, previously Chief Product Officer @ Tinder and Facebook discusses what he's learned about making great products.
Ravi Mehta
· Expo
Geotab [LIVE]
Join the live Geotab booth to get more information about Geotab and ask questions!
Michelle Reyes (Geotab)
· Sessions
RBC's Women in Tech Panel
An insightful discussion on female leadership in tech. Hear how our panelists overcame obstacles in Data Science, Product Management, and Software Engineering.
Ella Hilal Lauren Mark Alyssia Jovellanos Sima Umathay Pennie Santiago Guenia Izquierdo Megha Sharma Anushka Birla
· Sessions
AMA with Recruiters from Geotab, Uber, and RBC!
Christian Guirguis Daniel Martinovic (CUTC Organizer) Michelle Reyes (Geotab) Armando Saldana Jr [Uber]
· Sessions
AMA with Square, BMO, and SAP!
Dominique  Pirolo Carolynn Choi [Square] Tianhui Yang (CUTC Organizer) Kristina Stephan [BMO]
· Sessions
Introduction to Data Science with RBC
Explore topics such as data analysis & manipulation, visualization techniques (Kaggle), validation, and more.
Karl Zhu (CUTC Organizer) Supreet Takkar
· Sessions
Fireside Chat with Claudel and Jerry
A candid discussion between Claudel Kamgang, PM at Linkedin, and Jerry Lee, Sr. Strategy & Operations Manager at Google.
Erin Zhong Jerry Lee
· Sessions
UX Research Workshop
In this workshop, you will work with a technique called Assumption Slam to learn more about research and how it is used to support product development.
Jalena Lee (CUTC Organizer) Sam Yuan Ruben Perez Huidobro Jayden Hsiao
· Sessions
Life After University Panel
A candid discussion moderated by Jonathan Javier from Wonsulting about what life after university looks like and how to hunt for and secure new grad roles.
Tracy Cai Jonathan Ng Howard Tam Joshua Mendoza Katherine Carras
· Stage
Top 5 Team Presentations for Microsoft Discover AI Challenge
Hear from the top 3 teams from the CUTC x Microsoft Discover AI Challenge
Sarah  Muma Lisa Leibold Ron Hyman (CUTC Organizer) Julia Paglia Ahmad Muannaki Aditi Maheshwari karim muannaki Mathurah Ravigulan
· Stage
The New Tomorrow – How a pandemic will change the world (again)
Tune in on how corporations account for changes resulting from COVID-19, presented by Jeff Chan from TD
Jeff Chan - TD Bank Group
· Stage
Closing Ceremonies
· Stage
Microsoft Discover AI Challenge Award Ceremonies
Presenting the awards for the Microsoft x CUTC Discover AI challenge.
Sarah  Muma
· Expo
Maker Fair
Watch along as presenters from Design Teams to personal Side Project show off what they’ve created, and hopefully inspire you to join or build your!
Bill Liu (CUTC Organizer)


Lisa Leibold


Dominique Pirolo


Ella Hilal

Director of Data Science Shopify

Lauren Mark

Recruiter RBC

Christian Guirguis

Recruiter RBC

Jonathan Javier

CEO Wonsulting

Alyssia Jovellanos

Product Manager Microsoft

Jason Ezard

Senior Manager SOTI

Jack Litchfield

Co-Founder JobJunxion

Kat Garcia

Growth Architect BCG Digital Ventures

Sarah Gray

Customer Success Lead JobJunxion

Karl Zhu (CUTC Organizer)

CUTC Organizer

Nicole Shum

CUTC Organizer

Lauren C


Jade Chan

Senior Recruiter, Early Talent Acquisition, Technology & Operations at RBC

Sarah Muma

Microsoft Judge

karim muannaki

Microsoft Teams Presentation

Aditi Maheshwari

Microsoft Teams Presentation

Ahmad Muannaki

Microsoft Teams Presentation

Julia Paglia

Microsoft Teams Presentation

Jonathan Ng

Product Manager Waymo

Tracy Cai

UX Designer LinkedIn

Matthew Gaiser

Microsoft Teams Presentation

Helen Wang

Microsoft Teams Presentation

Katherine Carras

Product Designer Palantir

Mathurah Ravigulan

CUTC Organizer

Jalena Lee (CUTC Organizer)

CUTC Organizer

Erin Zhong

CUTC Organizer

Jerry Lee

Sr. Strategy & Ops Manager Google

Kristina Stephan [BMO]

Recruiter Bank of Montreal

Armando Saldana Jr [Uber]

Recruiter Uber

Sima Umathay

Product Manager Splunk

Guenia Izquierdo

Engineering Manager Flipp

Pennie Santiago

Senior Director RBC

Ariba Siddiqi (CUTC Organizer)

CUTC Organizer

Ravi Mehta

Ex-Chief Product Officer Tinder

Jonathan Kwan

Managing Director Kwantum Leap Group

Chris Hoquis

Co-Founder U Learnt

Tina Eskridge

Senior Director of Marketing Microsoft

Phil De Luna

Program Director National Research Council of Canada

Eric Rafat

Founder/CEO FoundersBeta

Bill Liu (CUTC Organizer)

CUTC Organizer

Jayden Hsiao

CUTC Organizer

Anushka Birla

CUTC Organizer

Lagan Bansal

CUTC Organizer

Tianhui Yang (CUTC Organizer)

CUTC Organizer

Jeff Chan - TD Bank Group

Closing ceremony

Michelle Reyes (Geotab)

Geotab Recruiter

Carolynn Choi [Square]

Recruiter from Square

Joshua Mendoza

Life after Uni Panel

Howard Tam

Life after Uni Panel

Chris Schmidt

Entrepreneurship Panel

Anna Pinol

Entrepreneurship Panel

Marianne Bell

Entrepreneurship Panel

Riya Karumanchi

Entrepreneurship Panel - MOD

Megha Sharma

RBC Women's Panel

Xiaopu Fung

Ontario Digital Service

Karl Moore

Professor at McGill

Henry S

Founder of Snap Travel

Ravina Anand


Martha Nino


Dave Rensin

Sr. Director of Engineering at Google

Supreet Takkar

RBC Data Science

Daisuke Nakahara

Microsoft IOT

Sarah Maston

Microsoft IOT

Ruben Perez Huidobro

UX Research Workshop

Sam Yuan

UX Research Workshop

Ron Hyman (CUTC Organizer)

CUTC Organizer

Daniel Martinovic (CUTC Organizer)

CUTC Organizer

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Maker's Fair: 7:00 PM

CUTC's Maker Fair


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