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Knowledge for Change: A decade of Citizen Science (2020-2030) in support of the SDGs

Welcome to the conference. We are looking forward to meeting you on October 14 and 15, 2020

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· Festival
Festival opening – get to know the Citizen Science projects & e-posters
· Plenary
Welcome & conference opening
Johannes Vogel | Director General of the Museum fuer Naturkunde Berlin and Executive chair of ECSA
· Plenary
Welcome words
Michael Meister | State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), Germany
· Plenary
Welcome words
Signe Ratso | Deputy Director-General, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission
· Sessions
Session #2
Who is engaged in Citizen Science – and who could or should be?
· Sessions
Session #3
Mobility and renewable energy for sustainable cities and communities
· Sessions
Session #1
Citizen Science Policy – A panel discussion
· Networking
Connect and get to know each other in a one-on-one meeting
· Sessions
Meet the expert #1
Meet the expert - Klement Tockner
· Plenary
Plenary talk: What is citizen science, anyway?
Muki Haklay | Professor of Geographic Information Science, University College London (UCL), U
· Plenary
Plenary talk: Creating an enabling environment for citizen science in Europe
Anna Panagopoulou | Director, DG Research and Innovation, European Comm
· Plenary
Plenary talk: Citizen science for monitoring and achieving the SDGs
Jillian Campbell | UN Convention on Biological Diversity, Canada
· Sessions
Meet the expert #3
Meet the expert – Jillian Campbel l UN Convention on Biological Diversity, Canada
· Sessions
Meet the expert #2
Meet the expert – Muki HaklayUniversity College London (UC), UK
· Sessions
Session #6
Citizens in biodiversity monitoring
· Sessions
Session #4
Citizen Science platforms as a way to impact on the SDGs
· Sessions
Session #5
Exploring human-nature-relations: Citizen Science in the Anthropocene
· Festival
Citizen Science Festival 2020 – Virtual Festival & Guided Tours
· Festival
E-Poster session
· Plenary
Start of evening event - welcome and introduction
· Sessions
Citizen science is social! Evening event with hands-on citizen social science
Five parallel workshops to experience Citizen Social Science - Check out the Session section!
· Plenary
Share and reflect experiences from the workshops
Due to technical problems we will meet in the SESSION PLENARY EVENING
· Plenary
Citizen Science Festival 2020 – featuring Mannigfaltig
Music by Dominik Eulberg
· Plenary
· Plenary
Plenary talk: Enhancing social dimensions in citizen science: SDGs and social tipping points
Josep Perelló | Associate Professor at the Universitat de Barcelona & UB Institute of Complex Systems, Spain
· Sessions
Meet the expert #4
Meet the expert – Josep Perelló | Universitat de Barcelona and UB Institute of Complex Systems, Spain
· Sessions
Session #9
Citizen Science for health and well-being
· Sessions
Session #8
Citizen observatories: the landscape, tools and data innovations for sustainable development
· Sessions
Session #7
Opening Social Science & Humanities research towards society: Required institutional settings
· Sessions
Session #11
Contribution of Citizen Science Data to Monitoring the SDGs
· Sessions
Session #12
Lightning talks
· Sessions
Session #10
Participatory Citizen Social Sciences towards the SDGs
· Festival
E-Poster session
· Sessions
Meet the expert #5
Meet the expert – Anne Bowser | Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, USA
· Plenary
Plenary talk: Openness as a pathway to support the SDGs: an exploration of science-society mediation spaces
Thomas Mboa | University of Ottawa, Canada
· Sessions
Session #13
Evaluation of programmes and projects: instruments, outputs, outcomes – PART 1
· Sessions
Session #15
Responsible food consumption and production through Citizen Science
· Sessions
Session #14
Transformative potential of citizen science and citizen observatories for mobilising action towards achieving the SDGs
· Sessions
Meet the expert #6
Meet the experts – Linden Farrer and Michael Arentoft | Directorate-General for Research & Innovation, European Commission
· Sessions
Session #16
Evaluation of programmes and projects: instruments, outputs, outcomes PART 2
· Sessions
Session #19
Partnerships towards the goals – Making sustainable change sustainable with Citizen Science
· Sessions
Session #17
Citizen Science for sustainable education
· Sessions
Session #18
WeObserve showcase: demonstrating value and applications of Citizen Observatory data
· Plenary
Declaring the Declaration


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Engaging Citizen Scientists In Remote Polar Waters

Ice Watch and Happywhale



Anne Bowser and Metis Meloche

CS as a Lens: Using citizen science to understand the global scope of plastic pollution for SDG 14.1.1.

Ação Lixo Marinho! (Marine Litter Action!​)

Citizen science as a promoter of environmental civility and Nature conservation


Transforming citizens from passive environmental information recievers to active contributors to environmental monitoring


making healthcare


Mit Teebeuteln biologische Vorgänge im Boden erheben


The platform for sharing Citizen Science projects, resources, tools, and training


Distributed Network for Odour Sensing, Empowerment and Sustainability

In Search of the Garden Dormouse

Citizen Science against Species Loss

Tatort Straßenbeleuchtung

Artenschutz durch umweltfreundliche Beleuchtung (AuBe)

Forschendes Lernen

Research Without (Age) Limits

Citizen Science Play Kit (CitieS-Health Toolkit)

Train yourself to design an engagement strategy for your citizen science project



Wer sind wir? Fridays for Future meets Citizen Science

A project of the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf and Fridays For Future Activists

Schüler und Bürger forschen zusammen mit Wissenschaftlern zur Stickstoffbelastung von Gewässern

Commitment to our common future - a citizen science project for water pollution control

Bee Observer (BOB)

Gemeinsam Daten im digitalen Bienenstock sammeln.

1. Citizen Science in Environment Epidemiology

Setting the stage for co-created research projects

2. Catch me if you can!

Engaging the public in mosquito monitoring

Harnessing the potential of Citizen Science for advancing air pollution related SDGs in Germany and Niger

Robert Lepenies / Ibrahim Zakari

4. A multidisciplinary Science Shop project on Hearing Impairments in Northern Tunisia

Nadia Zitouna

5. Community Creates Mobility: A participatory approach to invent the future of mobility in Austria

Eveline Wandl-Vogt

6. Technical & Research track - MUSICA: Multiple Use of Space for Island Clean Autonomy

Gordon Dalton

7. “Explore a lake”: A multilevel citizen science project with focus on Sustainability

Sara Egemose

8. Introducing citizen science air quality monitoring projects in elementary schools in Norway

Nuria Castell

9. Unleashing the potential of Citizen Science as an educational tool towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Quality education for an empowered society

Imane Baïz

10. The D-NOSES MOOC on Odour Pollution

Iro Alampei, Vicky Malotidi

11. Composting and Indoor hydroponic farming as educational tools towards a sustainable future

Nikolia Iliopoulou, Arsakeio Lyceum of Patras, Greece

12. Connecting schools with large research infrastructures in Physics through citizen science

Emmanuel Chaniotakis, Ellinogermaniki Agogi

13. Citizen science, ways of avoiding plant blindness and plant species and communities’ diversity monitoring

Maria Panitsa and Nikolia Iliopoulou

14. [email protected] platform as a service for researchers and citizen scientists

Pierre Bonnet & Alexis Joly

15. From engagement to ecology: does it matter whether citizen science camera trap monitoring uses video or still images?

Sian Green

16. Sonification of the Impacts of COVID-19 Lockdown

Artash Nath and Arushi Nath

17. BerlinAir NO2-Atlas

Spatially resolved nitrogen dioxide concentrations

18. Evaluation of citizen science initiatives from a qualitative perspective. Studying change in Open Science views within the ORION project

Digna Couso

19. An innovative online tool to self-evaluate and compare Participatory Research Projects

Anne-Sophie Gresle

20. 138,000 mosquitoes and no end

Evaluating the ‘Mückenatlas’

21. Do I have to analyse the data, too? Engagement patterns for data collection and analysis in a Citizen Science project on urban wildlife

Miriam Brandt

22. Interchangeable map compositions in support of collaborative spatial intelligencns Science in Afric

Karel Charvat

23. Science Shop as an instrument for co-creation and Stakeholders engagement. Experience from the Institut Pasteur de Tunis in the context of the H2020 InSPIRES project

Hichem Ben Hassine

24. SIOR: Towards Democratization of Science

Cristina Pulido

25. Promoting equity in health in open child and youth work - A participatory evaluation project

Alexandra Schüssler

26. Engaging hearts and minds - Do it with a song! Emotions as key for citizen science in the Anthropocene

Sarah Darwin

27. In My Backyard: a citizen science approach to the use of pesticides and fertilizers in home farming and gardening

Rui Monteiro

28. The Pandemic Silence Project, a global call for audio recordings to capture the change of the world's soundscapes during the COVID-19 pandemic

Andreas von Bubnoff & Verónica Semeco

29. SmartAfriHub as platform for Agriculture Citizens Science in Africa

Karel Charvat & Tuula Loytty Loytty

30. Authentication as a Service for Citizen Science to support the Sustainable Development Goals

Andreas Matheus

31. Österreich forscht - a hub for citizen science in Austria

Daniel Dörler

32. REINFORCE-ing the SDGs

Gary Hemming

33. RRING: Responsible Research and Innovation Networked Globally (RRING)

Gordon Dalton

34. Enhancing inclusiveness in citizen science

Valeria Andreolli

35. Volunteers or free workers: meeting the expectations of researchers working with citizen science platform

Alexandra Borisova

36. ALLINTERACT: Widening and diversifying citizen engagement in science

Ramon Flecha

37. All for one – one for all? Artistic Endeavours in Citizen Science

Christine Marizzi (BioBus, NY) & Pamela Bartar (ZSI & Die Angewandte, Vienna)

38.The D-NOSES model using the quadruple helix framework as a way to achieve sustainable societal transformation in an odour impacted world

Errandonea L., Ruefenacht S., Salas N. and Alonso M.

39. Co-Creation and Citizen Science: Creating Partnerships towards Sustainable Change on the Neighbourhood Level

Lukas Franta

40. Participatory Designing a Knowledge Graph for the Sustainable Development Goals: A Value Case Study on the Example of SDG17

Eveline Wandl-Vogt

41. Responsible co-creation for research and innovation systems

Marianne Hörlesberger and Andrea Kasztler

42. Citizen science as innovative form to solve social problems in local communities

Egle Butkeviciene

43. New Partners in Citizen Science: A Single Point of Contact as a Sustainable Model for future Partnerships

Anne Kathrine Overgaard

44. Environmental Governance and the Sustainable Development Agenda: With or Without Grassroots Citizen Science?

Michiel Van Oudheusden

45. Responsible research and innovation fostering citizen science in additive manufacturing innovations

Toni Luomaranta, Elena Sischarenco

47. UniswithHeart: Student networks leading the struggle for universities free of sexual violence

Ana Vidu

The Alien Insect Takahashia japonica

Wanted Dead or Alive!

Plan Birke, forsch voran

Plan Birke, forsch voran