CRISPRcon 2020 Virtual: Science and Societal Narratives

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CRISPRcon 2020 Virtual presents a series of dialogues exploring gene editing’s role in COVID-19 testing and treatment, racial disparities and inequities, strategies to address climate change, and other pressing issues. In a year that has transformed the world in unexpected ways, join us virtually for a dynamic, diverse, and timely lineup of interactive discussions that consider gene editing across applications, disciplines, geographies, communities, cultures, and perspectives. For more information about CRISPRcon 2020 including our sponsors, partners, and complete fall lineup, please visit


Narratives on science and society are shaped by the values and views of those that tell them.  Within both CRISPRcon and societal dialogue on gene editing at large, how issues are framed and whose stories and perspectives are included in the discussion impact our collective understanding of what is at stake and how to govern emerging technologies. In its first week, CRISPRcon 2020 Virtual will explore the shaping of societal narratives in two ways: first, through discussion of what stories are told by journalists and second by focusing on Indigenous perspectives that have been historically marginalized within discussions and decisions on genetics and society.

Tuesday, September 1

In partnership with Innovative Genomics Institute

Gene editing and journalism: What story? Whose story? And why?

News coverage and stories highlighted by journalists in a variety of forms are shaping society’s values and views on gene editing. This session will explore the choices made around what stories are told, whose stories to tell, and how they are framed within and shape the overall societal dialogue on science and technology.

Thursday, September 3

In partnership with Native BioData Consortium

Indigenous perspectives on gene editing in health and agriculture

Indigenous perspectives on genomic research and gene editing encompass a range of considerations of potential risks and benefits in applications of health, agriculture, and the environment. Of particular concern are sovereignty, control, access, and benefit sharing with respect to traditional knowledge, Indigenous data, and biological and cultural resources. This session will explore Indigenous viewpoints from a variety of geographies, considering current concerns and envisioning opportunities for more equitable Indigenous futures.

Thursday, September 3

Ideas Marketplace: breakout discussions on Science and Societal Narratives

Immediately following the panel discussion, we will hold an Ideas Marketplace, where volunteer hosts will lead other CRISPRcon participants in informal video breakout discussions on a topic of the host’s choice. (Interested in being a discussion host? Apply here by August 6)

CRISPRcon 2020 Virtual returns September 15-17 with discussions on Race and Health Equity, in partnership with Howard University. To register for this next event, please visit CRISPRcon 2020 Virtual: Race and Health Equity


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CRISPRcon: Gene editing and journalism
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CRISPRcon: Indigenous perspectives on gene editing in health and agriculture
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