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CRISPRcon 2020 Virtual: Priority and Agenda Setting

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CRISPRcon 2020 Virtual presents a series of dialogues exploring gene editing’s role in COVID-19 testing and treatment, racial disparities and inequities, strategies to address climate change, and other pressing issues. In a year that has transformed the world in unexpected ways, join us virtually for a dynamic, diverse, and timely lineup of interactive discussions that consider gene editing across applications, disciplines, geographies, communities, cultures, and perspectives. For more information about CRISPRcon 2020 including our sponsors, partners, and complete fall lineup, please visit


In its final week, CRISPRcon 2020 Virtual will explore priority setting in gene editing and the factors that shape research and development. What are the values and criteria that are being used to shape research and funding decisions for gene editing in health, agriculture and beyond? How are tradeoffs evaluated when determining which projects get prioritized, which applications are pursued, and which potential risks and benefits are created, for whom?

Tuesday, October 27

In partnership with Innovative Genomics Institute
Gene editing in public health and health autonomy
The values of improving public health and maximizing health autonomy can often be at odds, for example as a result of limited resources for research, disparities in prioritization of and access to care, and/or tensions between strategies requiring individuals to opt into vs. opt out of therapies or preventative measures. Gene editing offers the promise of therapies and preventative approaches to address life threatening diseases ranging from public health challenges like COVID-19 and malaria to rare diseases like sickle cell anemia and Huntington’s disease. What values are informing the choices of which diseases should be addressed, who bears the risks, and who stands to benefit? This session will explore the complexities and tradeoffs of gene editing-focused health approaches for treatment vs. prevention as well as the scale and significance of impact for individuals vs. society at large. 

Thursday, October 29

The role of funders and philanthropists in setting the gene editing agenda
Investment in gene editing technologies plays a significant role in the technology’s evolution and its application to issues in health, agriculture, conservation and more. This panel will explore current funding pathways and priorities for applications of gene editing – who is creating them and what values are being used to evaluate their application and impact? How are societal risks, benefits, and perspectives incorporated into the investment decisions that are shaping the future of gene editing?

Thursday, October 29

Ideas Marketplace: breakout discussions on Priority and Agenda Setting

Immediately following the panel discussion, we will hold an Ideas Marketplace, where volunteer hosts will lead other CRISPRcon participants in informal video breakout discussions on a topic of the host’s choice. 


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CRISPRcon: Gene editing in public health and health autonomy
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CRISPRcon: The role of funders and philanthropists in setting the gene editing agenda
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CRISPRcon: Ideas Marketplace
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