CRISPRcon 2020 Virtual: Hope and Hype

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CRISPRcon 2020 Virtual presents a series of dialogues exploring gene editing’s role in COVID-19 testing and treatment, racial disparities and inequities, strategies to address climate change, and other pressing issues. In a year that has transformed the world in unexpected ways, join us virtually for a dynamic, diverse, and timely lineup of interactive discussions that consider gene editing across applications, disciplines, geographies, communities, cultures, and perspectives. For more information about CRISPRcon 2020 including our sponsors, partners, and complete fall lineup, please visit


In the less-than-a-decade since the discovery of CRISPR’s potential applications for gene editing in humans, animals, and plants, there has been much speculation on its possible harms and/or benefits as well as on how technology development and governance in one geography or sector might affect the global trajectory of gene editing as a whole. This week, CRISPRcon 2020 Virtual will explore hope and hype. What can be learned from missteps, slowdowns, and breakthroughs in different sectors and geographies? In the agricultural sector, what gene-edited products have come to market or are likely to arrive soon, how have societal benefits been prioritized (if at all) within research, and how can benefits be assessed?  In the realm of global leadership and coordination across sectors of agriculture and health, how is gene editing research and governance progressing in China, and how do these trends affect research and governance in the rest of the world?

Tuesday, September 29

Spotlight on gene editing in China: Scientific progress, governance, and implications for global trends
China is home to nearly one-fifth of the world’s population and is a global leader on research and development of new technologies, including gene editing. This webinar will look beyond the headline-grabbing case of He Jiankui and explore China’s priorities for gene-editing applications in health and agriculture. What are Chinese scientists, biotech companies, and other institutions developing, how is China approaching governance of gene editing, and how do these approaches and outputs influence the progress and perception of the rest of the world?

Thursday, October 1

Peering into the ag pipeline: What gene-edited products are coming soon, and how should potential societal benefits be prioritized and assessed?
Daily headlines share news of scientists using gene editing to research and develop agricultural products targeted at a range of applications including climate adaptation and mitigation, crop productivity, nutrition enhancement, disease resistance, animal welfare, and more. But we’ve heard promises of societal benefit from biotechnology in the past, and the anticipated benefits have not always been realized and/or readily apparent to society. What has gene editing delivered thus far in the agriculture sector and what might be coming soon? What can we learn from the past regarding the role of biotechnology in addressing pressing agricultural challenges? What, if anything, is different now with gene editing in terms of the expectations we should hold – beyond hope and hype – for how societal benefits will be prioritized, assessed and delivered?

Thursday, October 1

Ideas Marketplace: breakout discussions on Hope and Hype

Immediately following the panel discussion, we will hold an Ideas Marketplace, where volunteer hosts will lead other CRISPRcon participants in informal video breakout discussions on a topic of the host’s choice. (Interested in being a discussion host? Apply here by September 3)

CRISPRcon 2020 Virtual returns October 13-15 with discussions on Equity, Environment, and Agriculture. To register for this next event, please visit CRISPRcon 2020 Virtual: Equity, Environment, and Agriculture


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