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Conference of Conversations: Real Talk about Real Decisions School Leaders are Facing

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The Modern Learners Community is proud to bring you The Conference of Conversations: Real Talk about Real Decisions School Leaders are Facing. Our community has some of the most dedicated school leaders in the field, and together they created this conference experience as a way of giving back to the field in a time when there is so much uncertainty.

❝❞The Conference of Conversations prioritizes conversations over presentations.  It prioritizes topics and experiences over thought leaders or presumed experts in the field. In Modern Learners we share experiences and we avoid giving advice. We pursue the questions that matter most. In Modern Learners Community, we believe inquiry is action.

Modern Learners Community strives to create a culture of contribution where all voices are honored and respected. Through member contributions, greater perspective is gained and value is added.

👣 The conference is designed in a way that honors your personal agency. You are encouraged to vote with your feet (or clicks in this virtual world) and find the conversations most important to you. If you don't see what you need, we've made it possible to create your own roundtable discussions. You can also pop into the networking space and be randomly paired with other conference attendees. 

It's time for some real talk about real decisions facing school leaders today. 

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Welcome and Tour of the Conference Tool
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Networking and Noodling (another name for reflection)
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Expo Session (ML Courses, Searchie, and Class Intercom LIVE)
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Roundtable Discussions (Practice)
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Expo Hall
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Welcome Wagon
Melissa Emler
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Networking and Noodling (another name for reflection)
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Striking the Match
Jody Britten
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Concurrent Roundtables 1
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Networking and Noodling (another name for reflection)
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Concurrent Roundtables 2
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Networking and Noodling (another name for reflection)
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Dedicated Expo Time (ML Courses, Searchie, Class Intercom LIVE)
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MONTANA Think Tank
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Morning Self-Care
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Concurrent Roundtables 3
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Closing Remarks from Modern Learners Community
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Team Time! Create Your Own Room


Jody Britten

Co-Founder of She Leads Edu

Melissa Emler

Relentless Advocate for Learning

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