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Compassion 2.0 Salon - Jane Dutton & Monica Worline

This is a community conversation with Jane Dutton and Monica Worline. The Salon structure is to facilitate small group learning, around topic(s) posed by Monica and Jane, so you will have the opportunity to connect with new professionals interested in bringing compassion into their organization. 

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· Stage
Salon: Lecture, Small Group work, Conclusion
Monica Worline Jane Dutton lori schwanbeck
· Sessions
Breakout Sessions during the Salon
Monica Worline Jane Dutton lori schwanbeck
· Networking
Having fun?  Stay awhile!  Optional Professional networking and sponsor expo


lori schwanbeck


Jane Dutton

Professor & Author

Monica Worline

Professor & Author

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Compassion 2.0

We are community of professional compassion practitioners bringing compassion frameworks to all organizations in society...