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Creative Collisions - Collaborative Innovation for the Canadian Relaunch Post-COVID 19

904 people attended
Creative Collisions is where startups, researchers, and companies meet to foster innovation opportunities. Companies join to present collaboration opportunities; startups come to show their tech solutions, and researchers come to expose their applied research projects.

Creative Collisions on July 8th will emphasize innovation as the vector driving the relaunch of the Canadian economy post-COVID19. The program will feature a town-hall, a fireside discussion with key superclusters of Canada and what's their plan on using that 950CAD million to foster collaborative innovation and digital transformation in the wake of COVID-19; multiple cross-sectorial tech fish-bowl sessions with industry players, researchers, and entrepreneurs to collaborate together on open-innovation, as well as tech and startup expo and job fair and B2B 1-on-1 networking.

Featured sectors: 
- Energy, clean-tech and crisis & climate change resilience 
- Advances manufacturing, industry 4.0 and supply chain 
- Life-sciences and healthcare
- Culture, tourism, and entertainment

Featured organizations:
Follow our social media and Facebook event to learn more about our speakers as we unveil them. Glad to have so far C-levels and key decision-makers from organizations such as the NGEN Supercluster (CTO), Digital Technology Supercluster (CTO), ScaleAI (CEO), 2degrés, Centech, District 3, DMZ, Ecofuel, Ecotech Québec, Hydro-Québec, Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Center, Montréal Invivo, Palais des Congrès, and many other companies, support organizations, researchers, startups, etc. coming up.

Why should you attend?
  • Learn how big organizations will engage in innovation by collaborating with startups and researchers. 
  • Discover new technologies & non-commercialized IPs (intellectual properties), discover what is done in Canada, in our labs, by our experts, by our startups,
  • Identify career opportunities, 
  • Meet talent looking for opportunities,
  • Promote your tech,
  • Understand better the needs and business opportunities in the relaunch of the economy.
  • Network with entrepreneurs, researchers, and industry experts. 

How to participate?
  • Startups and researchers: click here and apply to present in the cross-sectorial tech sessions and save your booth in the expo to showcase your technology and/or recruit talent.
  • Companies and large organizations looking for innovations: become a session partner in the cross-sectorial tech sessions and save your booth in the expo, please reach out to [email protected].
  • Attendees: if you are looking for opportunities in innovation projects, looking to network with like-minded people and/or looking for a job in the fast-growing tech space, please grab your ticket now and help us spread the word on Facebook, LinkedIn and other media. 
  • Media: get a complimentary ticket for the conference and for media inquiries or to book time beforehand with the speakers or organizers, please reach out to [email protected] 
  • Partners: we work hard in crafting such a conference to manufacture serendipity by design and foster tangible and meaningful innovations and business opportunities. If you believe in our mission or are looking to drive better business opportunities, don't hesitate to reach out to [email protected] to explore a potential partnership, and if we are aligned with each other's values, see how we can help you achieve your goals.

This "Creative Collisions" edition is a co-organized conference with Cooperathon - the largest social impact innovation competition in Canada with whom MTLNewtech is collaborating on the open innovation side. More information at and to register:

"Creative Collisions" builds upon 12 years of experience with more than 120+ startups innovation demo nights of Montreal Newtech since 2008 and is part of its STARTUPME Open Innovation program supported by the Ministère de l'Économie et de l'Innovation. Grateful for their support to help us continue having a positive impact on our tech and startup innovation ecosystem.

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· Stage
Part I: Opportunities and challenges to foster innovation post-COVID-19
Welcoming word, Networking & Introduction of the Creative Collisions’ agenda
ilias Benjelloun Valentin Kravtchenko
· Stage
Intro and presentation of the Creative Collisions’ agenda
Intro and presentation of the Creative Collisions’ agenda
ilias Benjelloun
· Stage
Canada’s relaunch through collaborative innovation leveraging greater diversity & inclusion
Jenn Mielguj Ali Taiyeb Sasha Luccioni Lloyed Lobo Sam Bellamy ilias Benjelloun
· Stage
Pre event
Warming up!
ilias Benjelloun
· Stage
StartupME Open Innovation Program presentation (bilingual)
StartupME Open Innovation Program presentation (bilingual)
ilias Benjelloun Alejandro Martinez-Ramos
· Stage
Meet the Superclusters: $950 M for collaborative innovation
Panel: CTOs & CEOs of NGEN (ON), Digital (BC) and Scale AI (QC), PS to the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry & VP Ontario Market for Desjardins
Marilyn Horrick Clelia Cothier Déborah Cherenfant Julien Billot Evgueni Loukipoudis John Laughlin
· Stage
Open Innovation challenges & open innovation work-sessions presentations (bilingual)
Presentation of the cross-sectorial challenges, the fish-bowl format, the guest participants; as well as the Cooperathon upcoming program
Jocelyn Millette Christophe Billebaud Mirela Pirlea pascal vignon Robert Mercure Patricio Gutierrez M.
· Sessions
Part 2, Cross-Sectorial Open Innovation Collisions and Convergences
Cross-Sectorial Open Innovation work sessions, fish-bowl format.
· Sessions
Open innovation work-session #2 - Culture, creative industries and tourism
Fish-bowl format with animators, industrial players, startups, and researchers to explore actionable collaborations around up to 2 specific industry challenges
Simon Trépanier Nicolas Morency Christophe Billebaud Alfonso Hernandez Darya Akulshyna Léa Gillaizeau Brigitte Bellevillle Robert Mercure
· Sessions
Open innovation work-session #1 - Energy, CleanTech and Greentech
Fish-bowl format with animators, industrial players, startups, and researchers to explore actionable collaborations around up to 2 specific industry challenges
Alex Guindon Mirela Pirlea Nunzio Cotrufo Catalina Dragomir Jocelyn Millette Passy  Longuet Morgan Guitton Amelie Bergeron-Vachon Catriona  Power Deeksha Rao Sahib Jean-François Vermette Marie-Luc Lafrance pascal vignon Brock Battochio Mark Rabin Stéphanie Yared
· Sessions
Open innovation work-session #4 - Manufacturing, industry 4.0 and supply chain
Fish-bowl format with animators, industrial players, startups, and researchers to explore actionable collaborations around up to 2 specific industry challenges
Alexandre Gervais @ HAXIO Jean-Francois Belanger Afshin Doust Annie Cyr  @ Tengiva Jean-Philip Poulin Hany  Moustapha Félix Bélisle-Dockrill Martin Landry Soumaya Yacout DPCII (MEI) Jenn MacLean Hakim Merah Katherine  Schmidt
· Sessions
Open innovation work-session #3 - Life-sciences and healthcare
Fish-bowl format with animators, industrial players, startups, and researchers to explore actionable collaborations around up to 2 specific industry challenges
Jean-Francois Belanger Adrian Schauer Cedric Piasco Laila  Benameur Luc Sirois Pierre-Alexandre Fournier Meryeme Lahmami Farah Bendahmane John Walmsley Azadeh Dastmalchi
· Networking
B2B 1-on-1 Networking
Network with leading entrepreneurs, researchers, and industry experts.
· Expo
Tech Expo/Talent : Startups, Research Centers, Industrial Organizations, Incubators, Accelerators and Entrepreneurial Centers from across Canada in one place.
Startups, Research Centers, Industrial Organizations, VCs & Financing, Incubators, Accelerators and Entrepreneurial Centers from across Canada in one place.
Charlotte Fulchiron Lucia Aguilar Peter Winckler Hélène Fortier Luca Cuccia Noha Gerges


Nicolas Morency

CEO / Founder, Prevu3D

Simon Trépanier

Gestionnaire - Activités inter-partenaire, MTLab

Jean-Francois Belanger

Director, Business Development, Keyrus Life Science

Afshin Doust

CEO, AI Systems

Alex Guindon

Managing Director and co-founder, 2 Degrés

Christophe Billebaud

General Coordinator, La Piscine

Patricio Gutierrez M.

Open Innovation Evangelist, Cooperathon

Annie Cyr @ Tengiva

Founder, TENGIVA


International Affairs Advisor, MEI

Hakim Merah

Innovation, Scale AI

Alexandre Gervais @ HAXIO

Founder, Haxio

Noha Gerges

Team Lead, MITACS

Luca Cuccia

CEO, Phyla

Hélène Fortier

Program Officer, Research Partnerships - NSERC

Peter Winckler

Project Director - Member Relations, CCI Franàaise au Canada

Valentin Kravtchenko

CTO Montreal NewTech

Robert Mercure


Brigitte Bellevillle

Digital Project Manager

Léa Gillaizeau

Corporate services Coordinator

Darya Akulshyna


Alfonso Hernandez


Azadeh Dastmalchi


John Walmsley

Executive Vice President & Strategic relationship

Farah Bendahmane

Director enterprise development

Meryeme Lahmami

Investment Manager

Pierre-Alexandre Fournier


Luc Sirois

Chairman & Co-Founder

Laila Benameur

Head of QcSE

Cedric Piasco

President & Co-Founder

Adrian Schauer


Mark Rabin

Founder, Portable Electric

Brock Battochio

Lead Engineer, Planetary Hydrogen

Deeksha Rao Sahib

Principal Product Manager, OXIA Initiative

pascal vignon

Sustainable Development Advisor, MEI

Marie-Luc Lafrance

Strategy Advisor, Hydro-Québec

Catriona Power

Director of partnerships, Foresight Cleantech Accelerator

Amelie Bergeron-Vachon

Director of Innovation and Commercialization, Écotech Québec

Morgan Guitton

Director of Operations, Ecofuel

Jean-François Vermette

Scientific Director, Centre de transfert technologique en écologie industrielle (CTTÉI)

Passy Longuet

Science Outreach Officer, CANMETENERGY

Jocelyn Millette

Director General, CANMETENERGY

Catalina Dragomir

Research and Policy analyst, CANMETENERGY

Nunzio Cotrufo

AI Energy Efficiency Engineer, BrainBox AI

Mirela Pirlea

Panacanadian development, Coopérathon

Lan Tan

Director-Entrepeneur development

Genevieve Drolet

Technology Transfer Directorate

Lucia Aguilar

Project Manager - International Students

Charlotte Fulchiron

Project Manager - International Students

Katherine Schmidt

Head of Engine Assembly, Siemens Energy

Jenn MacLean

Director, NGen

Soumaya Yacout

Professor of the Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering, Laboratoire Poly-Industries 4.0

Martin Landry

CEO & Founder, Intelligence Industrielle

Félix Bélisle-Dockrill

CEO & Founder, Grad4

Hany Moustapha

Chair, Chaire Siemens 4.0

Jean-Philip Poulin

Corporate Innovation Manager, Centech

Evgueni Loukipoudis

CTO, Digital Technology Supercluster

Julien Billot

CEO, Scale AI

Déborah Cherenfant

Présidente et Porte Parole, Jccm

Clelia Cothier

Challenge-Prize Fellow at Impact and Innovation Unit, Impact Canada

Marilyn Horrick

Senior Vice President, Ontario Market, Desjardins

Alejandro Martinez-Ramos

Director of programming and General Coordinator, Montreal NewTech

ilias Benjelloun

Senior Open Innovation Strategist @DesjardinsLAB Creative Director @MTLNewTech

Sam Bellamy

Founder & CEO, Bazookka

Lloyed Lobo

Cofounder, Boast.AI

Sasha Luccioni

Chief Researcher, MILA

Ali Taiyeb

Manager Partnerships, DMZ

Jenn Mielguj

Program Associate, Digital Technology Supercluster

John Laughlin


Stéphanie Yared

International Advisor

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Hosted by

MTL NewTech

MTLNewTech is a non-profit dedicated to tech startup innovation since 2008.

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Next Generation Manufacturing Canada

Next Generation Manufacturing Canada - NGen the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster.

Digital Technology Supercluster

The Digital Technology Supercluster (Supercluster) is positioning Canada as a global leader in digital technologies which will solve industry’s and society’s most challenging problems.

Scale AI

Scale AI is Canada’s AI Supercluster; an investment and innovation hub that supports the application of AI to supply chains.

Cooperathon 2020 edition

The largest open innovation challenge for positive social impact

Montreal NewTech

Montreal NewTech is the premier technological and startup organization in the Canadian innovation ecosystem since 2008.

Collision Lab x Centech

Collision Lab x Centech is your open innovation platform at the epicenter of the high-tech ecosystem


We fund your collaborative R&D projects. AI. Cybersecurity. Quantum Computing. 5G.


Mitacs is a national non-profit organization that supports collaborative research projects between academic institutions and external partners

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

NSERC is the solution to research collaborations in Canada with a $1.4 Billion budget to help develop research partnerships!

BrainBox AI

BrainBox AI utilizes artificial intelligence to proactively optimize the energy consumption of one of the largest climate change contributors: Buildings.


TRAQC is faster, cheaper and the first-in-line solution for printed electronics companies to reduce production costs by up to 80%.

AI Launch Lab

Committed to fuelling the ecosystem with undiscovered AI talent.


The Ecofuel Accelerator is dedicated to help grow clean technology start-ups.

IVADO: Institut de valorisation des données

Au coeur de l’intelligence numérique au Québec / At the heart of digital intelligence in Quebec

Aligo Innovation

Aligo drives innovation via deep tech university spinoffs & technology licensing


Research & Development Frontiers Institute (RDFI) is a platform to bring together the brightest minds between Canada and Asia since 2015.


Each and every day, we do our best to provide you with a safe, reliable supply of clean, renewable energy.

TEC Edmonton

We accelerate the growth of emerging technology-based companies in Edmonton

District 3 Innovation Centre

We nurture and develop multidisciplinary teams that harness emerging technologies to create businesses with global impact.

Musée de la civilisation

Innovation & digital: Cocreation between a Museum and a Company

Fintech Cadence

Fintech Cadence a community builder, developing Canada’s future fintech leaders.

I choose Montréal - Montréal International

Greater Montréal's international students portal

CanmetÉNERGIE à Varennes

CanmetÉNERGIE : la science au service de tous les Canadiens | CanmetENERGY: science at the service of all Canadians.

Le Wagon

Le Wagon is the #1 ranked coding bootcamp worldwide.

CCI française au Canada

La CCI française au Canada est le plus grand réseau d'entreprises franco-canadien

La Piscine

La Piscine is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to catalyze and cultivate the first-ever ecosystem dedicated to the development of entrepreneurship in the cultural and creative sectors in Montréal and across Québec.

Creative Collisions Help Booth

Here to help you with any questions you might have!


Phyla is a digital health startup on a mission to provide intestinal peace of mind to the masses

Nurse On Call

Nurse on call is the only mobile application in the Quebec market whereby a certified nurse can attend to your healthcare needs

Projects. Powered. Empowering all project managers to deliver more project successes.

Guidebolt Inc.

Transporting human presence to remote locations, in real-time, with the next generation of physical robotic avatars.


Dataperformers is one of Canada’s top artificial intelligence companies powering worldwide institutions such as Aisin Seiki (Toyota Group), Autodesk, World Anti-Doping Agency, Government of Canada, Desjardins, Invest Quebec, etc.


Vanhack is helping to create a world where talented tech professionals can move wherever they are needed to help companies innovate and grow

Ballegro Dance Music Technology Inc.

Ballegro music app is Your Smart Virtual Pianist For Ballet Dancers!


Piccles blends art and tech to tap the creativity of crowds.


YData provides the first privacy by design DataOps platform for Data Scientists to work with synthetic and high quality data.


Business Design, upgraded

Trampoline Lab

Complex problems don't need complex solutions


Teaching is hard! Every teacher needs a Coteacher


FasterCapital is a virtual incubator based in Dubai and founded in 2010 and has established a big network of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship enthusiasts

Ocean Startup Project

The Ocean Startup Project, driven by Canada’s Ocean Supercluster, is a pan-Atlantic collaboration to create and grow high-quality ocean technology companies.


Empowering manufacturing companies with the easiest and most versatile deep-learning based vision solution for quality control processes.

Ecosystem for Collaboration

Collective Collaborative Platforms: supporting the co-construction of an optimal ecosystem for collective collaborative platforms.


BiosensUM is a multidisciplinary team of university students developing biosensing technologies to monitor and treat neurologic conditions


GRAD4 - Enabling the proximity supply chain, 100 suppliers at your fingertips.

Factually Health

From Factually Health: COVID-19 Myth and Fake News Busters - AI powered


Smart retail using RFID 2.0

InnScience Labs Inc.

A bidding platform for Research & Development challenges

Alkimia Conscious Capital

Catalyzing the rise of purpose-driven ventures to create a thriving world for all through proven innovative methodologies, agility, & next-generation technologies.

EPIC: Exponential Positive Impact Capital

Democratizing investments through revenue sharing investment platform


Dream your team

Agora by Atypic Labs

Spontaneous Encounters. Online.


Enabling the future of the textile supply chain


CAPSolar believes in the huge potential of Vehicle Applied Photovoltaics: harnessing free and clean solar energy to recharge electric vehicles.


AR experiences makers


Electricity for Electrification

ExO World: Canada!

ExO World: Canada - Inspire Action! September 24-25th, 2020