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Cluj Innovation Days

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Iustinian Sovrea

CEO at jPard

Jessica Peichl

Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg

Si Alhir

Transformation Leader and Executive Coach

Ciprian Oprisa

Senior Team Lead at Cyber Threat Intelligence Lab at Bitdefender

Annika Linck

EU Policy Manager at Digital SME Alliance

Razvan Voica

CEO & Co-Founder at The Informal School of IT

Peter Leeson

Principal Consultant at Orchestrated Knowledge

Filip Stoyanovich

Project Director at Palladium International / USAID FGI Project

Anca Rarău

Managing Partner at Brandocracy

George Lupascu-Pruna

Consulant on Organizational Culture Diagnosis and Development at

Doru Supeala

Managing Partner at SPOR

Gerard de Melo

Professor at Hasso Plattner Institute

Oana Sipos

Cofounder at Women in Tech Cluj

Ciprian Moga

Managing Director at StepSeven for IT

Alin Ivan

Consultant at Integrated Consulting Group

Marin Iuga

CEO at Intertechnica

Mircea Vadan

CEO at Activize

Andrei Kelemen

CEO at Cluj IT

Heike Klaus


Cristi Bârlădeanu

CEO at ThinkOut

Erik Barna

CEO at Life is Hard

Radu Orghidan

VP Cognitive Computing at Endava

Cristina Juc

Executive Director at Spherik Accelerator


Director of Studies at the Romanian Literary Studies M. A. at UBB

Ovidiu Ortan

Director Projects at Emerson

Daniel Homorodean

CEO at Arxia

Daniela Rus

Director of the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory


General Manager at Emerson

Anca Goron

AI Specialist at Life is Hard

Cosmin Curticapean

CEO at iFactor

daniel spoiala

Founder, Digital for Development Consulting

Daniel David

Professor of Clinical Cognitive Sciences at UBB

Bilaniuc Dragos

Software Developer at Around25

Edgardo Montes de Oca


Florin Jianu

President at CNIPMMR

Florin-Calin PAUN

Head of Mission Technology at SAFE Cluster

Ioana Blaga

Program Manager and Mentor "The Informal School of IT" and Co-founder "Bits & Pieces"

Isabela Buhai

Regional Manager at Endava

Ioana Berindan-Neagoe

Director Research Center for Functional Genomics, Biomedicine and Translational Medicine at UMF Cluj

Marco Zuniga

Managing Director Chiletec at the National Association of the IT Industry of Chile

Madalina Racovitan

HR innovation at KPMG

Mihai Svasta

Innovation & Change at Integrated Consulting Group

Madalina Vasiu

Managing Partner at Grai Group

Mihaela Vrabete

Urban Planning Expert

Paulina Mitrea

Coordinator of Brained City Group, Cluj IT Cluster

Monica DAVID

HR Manager at Wolters Kluwer

Răzvan Valentin Florian


Sebastian Vaduva

Director of the Griffiths School of Management & IT, Emanuel University of Oradea

Sebastiano Toffaletti

Secretary General at European Digital SME Alliance

Smaranda Moldovan

CEO at Intercultural Consulting

Vlad Icleanu

President at Cluj Startups

Cristian Gabriel Pavel

CEO at AlfaSoftware

Liviu Stanciu

Smart City Responsible of Alba Iulia Municipality

Valentin Negoita

President at APDETIC

Claudiu Popovici

Managing Partner at Corporate Performance Solutions

Sergiu Maxim

EMEA HR Process Lead at NTT Data Romania

Letitia Stefan

CEO at Nifty Learning

Valentin Maior

Co-Founder & CEO at Techmatch

Bogdan Herea

CEO at PitechPlus

Alexandru Tulai

Vice President at Cluj IT Cluster

Sabin Sărmaș

President at The Authority for the Digitalization of Romania

Lucian Cernat

Head of Unit at European Commission

Stelian Brad

President at Cluj IT Cluster

Xenia Munteanu

CEO at Planable

Ecaterina Silova

Project Manager at Spherik Accelerator

Radu Rujan

R&D and Project Management Consultant at Asociaţia Patronilor Şi Meseriaşilor Cluj

Dragos Preda

Minister Secretary of State at the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Communication

Barrand Jérôme

President at agile`OA

Bettina Schneider


Fabio Sammartino


Stefan Koritar

Managing Partner at Grai Group

Florin Cardasim

CEO at

Csongor Biás

Managing Director at Startup Europe Network

Ioana Sfarlea

CEO at IngenousBiz

Eduard Lazar

Entrepreneur I SaaS I Supply Chain I eCommerce I NED|Digital Transformation

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Hosted by

Cluj IT Cluster

Cluj IT is a cluster association aiming to enhance the innovation and competitiveness of the Romanian IT sector.


Cluj IT Cluster

Building innovation, bridging communities


Startup Programs and Ecosystem Mapping in Eastern Europe

Programul Future Skills

Future Skills aduce la masă o serie de beneficii și acțiuni de sprijin menite să faciliteze o tranziție lină prin obstacolele unei piețe a muncii dinamice și în plin proces de schimbare.

Asociatia Patronilor si Meseriasilor

Din 1871, la Cluj, pentru mediul de afaceri

Școala informală de IT

Există o linie de cod care ne face ceea ce suntem. Se numește ADN. Iar al nostru este digital.

Dell Technologies

The Digital Future is where human progress is transformed by technology


Blue Growth Accelerator.

UFO – Emerging Industries New Value Chains Boosted by Small Flying Objects

Innovation boosted by Small Flying Objects

IoT Tribe Space Endeavour

IoT Tribe Space Endeavour will take promising space technologies and find founders, start-ups and SMEs who can take them to market across industries.


Cybersecurity solution for small businesses


Engineered to evolve


Training engineers on HOT non-engineering matters

Agile Profile Romania

Measure Agility. Adapt. Perform.

3B ICT Network

Supporting Eastern European SMEs from the IT industry

Asociatia Descopera-ti pasiunea in IT

Proiecte de educatie practica pentru tineri


Proiect dezvoltat in cadrul Academiei DpIT 2020

Safe Forest

Proiect dezvoltat in cadrul Academiei DpIT 2020

Safe Signal

Proiect dezvoltat in cadrul Academiei DpIT 2020


Proiect dezvoltat in cadrul Academiei DpIT 2020


Proiect dezvoltat in cadrul Academiei DpIT 2020


Proiect dezvoltat in cadrul Academiei DpIT 2020

BAC - Bac Advantage Compiler

Proiect dezvoltat in cadrul Academiei DpIT 2020


Proiect dezvoltat in cadrul Academiei DpIT 2020

Snap Guide

Proiect dezvoltat in cadrul Academiei DpIT 2020

Secure Document Transfer

Proiect dezvoltat in cadrul Academiei DpIT 2020


Proiect dezvoltat in cadrul Academiei DpIT 2020


Proiect dezvoltat in cadrul Academiei DpIT 2020


Proiect dezvoltat in cadrul Academiei DpIT 2020


Proiect dezvoltat in cadrul Academiei DpIT 2020


Proiect dezvoltat in cadrul Academiei DpIT 2020