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climate health skills lab

170 people attended
Cornwall's first gathering of local and national thinkers and doers to investigate the interaction between health, and climate and ecological breakdown - and what we need to do it about.

A collaboration between Cafe Disruptif, Volunteer Cornwall and Healthcare Declares Kernow.

What's not to like?


· Sessions
Manda Brookman: Welcome to Day One!
Manda Brookman
· Sessions
Prof Tim Lenton: Trust me, I'm a climate scientist
Prof Tim Lenton sets out the climate science: and the fact that this is, actually, an emergency
Tim Lenton
· Sessions
Prof David Pencheon: Are we really wired to ignore climate change?
Prof David Pencheon sets out the contrary hot mess of the human psyche and outlines why the "change" thing is ... um ... challenging!
David Pencheon
· Sessions
Collective Endeavour: Cornwall Partnership Foundation Trust and Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust
Tamsyn Anderson, Thom Lafferty, Ella Stracey, Rob Kernow & James Leaver set out the challenge, and the intent, of two of the principal trusts in Cornwall
Ella  Stracey James Leaver Thom Lafferty
· Sessions
James Dixon: Newcastle Upon Tyne, Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
The system thing: Changing it from the inside
James Dixon
· Sessions
Rebecca Ritchie and Oliver Slaughter: Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust
Rebecca Ritchie and Oliver Slaughter: Sussex Community NHS Fuundation Trust
Becky  Ritchie Oliver Slaughter
· Sessions
Improving the Sustainability of Everyday Health Care: Dr Natasha Askaroff and Dr Jack Williams
Dr Natasha Askaroff and Dr Jack Williams: The good, the bad and the bloody marvelous when it comes to tools, hacks and helping hands
Natasha Askaroff Jack Williams
· Sessions
Manda Brookman: Welcome Day 2!
Welcome to Day 2 and an update on Day 1!
Manda Brookman
· Sessions
Alex Percival: We always said we were an emergency service...
How the Yorkshire Ambulance Service is kicking climate ass
Alexis Percival
· Sessions
Health Care Without Harm: Inspirational programmes and pioneers
International NGO working to reduce healthcare's environmental footprint and help it become a leader in global movement for environmental health and justice.
Mireia Figueras Alsius
· Sessions
Prof David Pencheon: Covid - What Are We Learning About Big Change?
Covid has catapulted us into massive system wide change. Has it spotlit our weaknesses? Or our strengths?
David Pencheon
· Sessions
Decision Tools from the European Centre for Environment and Human Health
Emma Bland, Centre Manager on the development of a decision support tool on climate change adaptation and health
Emma Bland
· Sessions
Welcome: and Painting by Numbers: 1.1 Degrees and Counting
Artist and aneasthetist Emma Sabin uses a human body and her artist skills to show the real physiological impacts of climate breakdown
william stableforth Manda Brookman
· Sessions
GPs on the Front Line: leading beyond authority
Talk directly with Cornish and London clinical activists Dr Jan Powers and Dr Chris Newman on rule-busting to honour our duty of care ...
Chris Newman
· Sessions
Cornwall Council: The Planning Bone is connected to the Climate and Health Bones
Health, wellbeing and climate are inherently connected to our planning and economic development activities. How do we work together for optimal impact?
· Sessions
Moving the levers on the procurement and energy machine
Cornwall Partnership Foundation Trust Energy and Carbon Manager talks about energy, carbon, procurement and collaborative strategy crafting...
· Sessions
Workshop: OUR PEOPLE: the culture shift
OUR PEOPLE: the culture shift – what are we doing well, how do we ride this wave?
Alexis Percival David Pencheon
· Sessions
Workshop: OUR COMMUNITIES: The community bone's connected to to the nature bone and the health bone
How climate action in the community can collaborate with climate action in the system, and keep people well, to boot ...
Katharine Lewis Oliver Baines
· Sessions
Workshop: OUR PATIENTS: how do we help them cope?
Who is in the front line of this? Do we even know? How does social prescription help? How do we talk with our patients about this?
Rupert Manley Sarah  Witts Andy Brelsford
· Sessions
Final wrap up of ground covered, boots tied, sleeves rolled up and new colleagues gained...
Manda Brookman


william stableforth

Doctor, Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust

Chris Newman

GP, London, and climate activist; Founder, Doctors for XR

Mireia Figueras Alsius

Climate Officer, Healthcare Without Harm

Rupert Manley

GP, St Ives, Cornwall (expertise in social prescription, climate and health)

Sarah Witts

Nature Connects - social prescription/health/social enterprise

James Leaver

Chief Procurement Officer, Cornwall NHS Procurement Service

Ella Stracey

Deputy Director of Strategy and Performance, Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust

Emma Bland

Centre Manager, European Centre for Environment and Human Health

Tim Lenton

Director, Global Systems Institute, University of Exeter

Jack Williams

Junior Doctor, Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust

Thom Lafferty

Director of Strategy and Performance, Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust

Natasha Askaroff

Clinician, Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust

Andy Brelsford

Support & Development Manager, Volunteer Cornwall

Becky Ritchie

Acting Associate Director of Sustainability, Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust

David Pencheon

Honorary Professor and Associate at the Medical and Health School at University of Exeter

Oliver Slaughter

Sustainability Manager, Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust

Oliver Baines

Climate activist; member, Strategic Local Nature Partnership

Katharine Lewis

Co-founder, Helston Climate Action Group

Alexis Percival

Environmental & Sustainability Manager , Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust

James Dixon

James Dixon CEnv FIEMA FRSA, Head of Sustainability; The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Manda Brookman

Director, Permanently Brilliant

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Cafe Disruptif

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David Pencheon

David Pencheon wins The BMJ Outstanding Contribution to Health Award

Health Care without Harm

Health Care Without Harm - Europe wide network

Dr Emily Grossman's new paper: Emergency on Planet Earth

Emergency on Planet Earth Written by Dr Emily Grossman with the support of the XR Scientists community Fact-checked and reviewed by a wide range of experts in relevant fields.

Alexis Percival

Prof Tim Lenton

Prof Tim Lenton of University of Exeter Global Systems Institute on Tipping Points

Humankind, Rutger Bergman

Fantastic read on how people respond in difficult times - and how it's MUCH better than we expect ...

Helston Climate Action Group

HCAG - authors of the first comprehensive Town Level Climate Action Plan in Cornwall ...