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Baltic Circular Procurement Congress

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Agnieszka Sznyk

Co- Chair of the Event

Joan Prummel

Co-chair of the event, speaker on the CPP and panel chair

Walter Stahel

Keynote Speaker

Emile Bruls

CPP Project Overview

Birgitte Schleemann

Aalborg Pilot - main findings

Alberto Huerta Morales

CPP project - main research lessons

Emma Börjesson

Malmo Pilot - main findings and panel member

Arne Remmen

Panel member

Kaspar Nielsen

Introducing the Study Visits

Mervyn Jones

Panel member

Jana Simanovska

Latvian Pilot - main findings and panel member

Aija Konisevska Azadi

Introducing Study Visits

The event is over

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Alan Caldwell Associates Ltd

We create and deliver events to support a green recovery and a net zero carbon future.


Kaffe Bueno

Upcycled-Coffee Active & Functional Ingredients for Functional F&B, Nutraceuticals and Cosmetics.

Work Ahead

Software to Advance Public Benefit in Public Procurement

Closing the Loop

Closing the Loop offers IT Hardware users a tangible, solid and certified way to make the procurement of their devices more sustainable, today. Visit our booth today and get a 20% discount on our services if used in 2020.

RE:SIGN by Accus

The Swedish sign industry puts every year approximately 5000 tons of signs and displays on the market. When companies are moving or changing logotype – fully functional signs are becoming waste. We are Accus – providing circular outdoor and indoor sign solutions for branding and wayfinding. Our concept re:sign is as an alternative to single-use-signs focusing on long-living signs and components that can be used over and over again. Striving for constantly decreasing the environmental footprint for signs by implementing circular design strategies and business models. We are reaching out to facility owners, municipalities, regions, hospitals and others who are willing to integrate circularity in sign policies and graphical guidelines. By rethinking signage as a service for visual communication, signs and components can be reused, refurbished before recycled.

The Great Bubble Barrier

A smart solution to plastic pollution. Catching plastic with bubbles in waterways.


The revolution in how the world treats plastic has started. Join now.

Alan Caldwell Associates

Online Conference Organiser


T-Master company creates IT systems and designs own structural and electronic solutions for the waste industry. The Company designs devices for municipal waste collection intended for common use at multi-family and single family housing estates. The devices weigh and register the waste divided into fractions, thus allowing for control of the fulfilment of the segregation obligation by residents of a given city and housing estate.

Delvas Living Sales

Company that reuses boat sails to manufacture furniture, awnings and lighting with the best materials. DVELAS merges functionality and aesthetics to create a product that provides together design, comfort, beauty and emotion.

Plastic Repair System.

Plastic Repair System (PRS) offers a repair service of returnable /reusable plastic ítems. PRS has developed and patented an innovative technology that allows to repair returnable transport packaging plastic (RTP) recovering 100% of its functionality and at least 98% of its original strength, with a 70% cost reduction compared to replacing a new one and 220 times less CO2 emissions. We repair components and parts made of plastic such as municipal solid waste containers or municipal property bins, so we can extend the useful lifetime of the items; avoiding its disposal and replacement. Our activity is focused on the repair, so we are part of the “7 R’s” of circular economy.

Venturis HoReCa

We are a food waste management company specialising in turning waste into gold in hospitality industry, households, educational facilities, hospitals, elderly houses and alike. How we do this alchemy? We provide an IT system called KuMin.Sys together with methodology, and solutions to optimise financial results via better planning of production. So far we have done more than 40 food waste projects including hotels, restaurants, catering, school canteens, elderly houses, etc.

Circular ICT Pact & ARCTIC

For fair and circular ICT


Have a look at the state-of-the art Research. The outcomes are analysis of the status quo in Circular Procurement in the Baltic Sea Region and identification of improvement potentials at a at local, national and transnational level.

XBS Group /EkoPOSytywni

EcoPOSitive Supply Chain Integrated Operator. Good friend of Sales and Planet!