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Circular Business Models 2020

261 people attended
Circular Business Models 2020 is a conference about the transformation to circular economy in businesses. The event aims to familiarise companies with the idea of circularity and its opportunities for both new and established enterprises.  

The change from linear to circular economy highlights sustainable management of raw materials at every stage of the product's life cycle. During the webinar, participants will learn about ways to make profit while undergoing this transformation, the opportunities offered by circular economy and problems faced by both large and small companies. 

The event will be broadcasted live from a professional studio and will include expo booths, networking and live discussions. See the schedule, sponsors and speakers below.

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· Stage
Reception - welcome coffee
· Stage
Introduction by hosts
Hosts: Mrs. Agnieszka Sznyk, President, Innowo/Polish Circular Hotspot, Mr. Sanne Kaasjager, Economic Counsellor, Embassy of the Netherlands
Sanne Kaasjager Agnieszka Sznyk
· Stage
Introduction to Circular business models – Dutch approach
Guests: Mrs. Kelly Ruigrok, GSES System, Mr. Michel Schuurman, MVO Nederland
Kelly Ruigrok Michel Schuurman
· Stage
Circular production: drivers (why?) and lessons (how?)
Guests: Mr. Dion Vijgeboom, MUD Jeans, Mr. Ricco Fiorito, CooLoo, Mr. Bogdan Ślęk, Signify
Bogdan Ślęk Dion Vijgeboom Ricco Fiorito
· Networking
Lunch break & networking
Networking on the Hopin platform, guests available for questions & remarks, short meet & greets
· Stage
From recycling to circular business
Guests: Mr. Ton van der Giessen, Van Werven Plastics, Mr. Kamil Mirowski, Grupa Żywiec, Mr. Jan Willem Wieringa, Desch Plantpak IPP
Kamil Mirowski Jan Willem Wieringa
· Stage
Making a transition to circular economy happen
Guests: Mr. Leszek Kąsek, ING Poland, Mr. Konrad Czapiewski, PAN, RePAiR Horizon 2020 project, Mr. Ralph Koekkoek, Blue Fifty
Leszek Kąsek Konrad Czapiewski Ralph Koekkoek
· Stage
Starting and Scaling up Circular Business
Eva Aarts and Wies van Lieshout, Waterweg, Mr. Navied Tavakolly, Ecor Europe
Navied Tavakolly
· Stage
Going International with Circular Business
Mr. Freek van Eijk, Holland Circular Hotspot
Freek van Eijk
· Networking
Networking on the Hopin platform


Michel Schuurman

MVO Nederland

Kelly Ruigrok

GSES - System

Leszek Kąsek

ING Poland

Navied Tavakolly

Ecor Europe

Sanne Kaasjager

Economic Counsellor, Embassy of the Netherlands

Bogdan Ślęk


Freek van Eijk

Holland Circular Hotspot

Kamil Mirowski

Grupa Żywiec

Ralph Koekkoek

Blue Fifty

Konrad Czapiewski

PAN, RePAiR Horizon 2020 project

Ricco Fiorito


Jan Willem Wieringa

Desch Plantpak IPP

Dion Vijgeboom

MUD Jeans

Agnieszka Sznyk

President of INNOWO, Polish Circular Hotspot

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We are the Think-To-Do-Tank that​ ​supports innovation and implementation of systemic changes for the purpose of sustainable future.



The revolution in how the world treats plastic has started. Join now.

Venturis HoReCa: food waste management company

We are a food waste management company specializing in turning waste into gold in hospitality industry, households, educational facilities, hospitals, elderly houses and alike. How we do this alchemy? We provide an IT system called KuMin.Sys together with methodology, and solutions to optimize financial results via better planning of production. So far we have done more than 40 food waste projects including hotels, restaurants, catering, school cantines, elderly houses, etc.

Sygnis New Technologies

Implementing the circular economy standards into the world of 3D printing, prototyping and R&D consulting.


KOKONO™ is the first circular cradle co-created in Uganda to save infants’ lives, generating local employment and empowering women as actors for change. Come and see how we make true circular impacts!


T-Master company creates IT systems and designs own structural and electronic solutions for the waste industry. The Company designs devices for municipal waste collection intended for common use at multi-family and single family housing estates. The devices weigh and register the waste divided into fractions, thus allowing for control of the fulfilment of the segregation obligation by residents of a given city and housing estate.


Butelczyny is a project that is basing on upcycling bottle glass.

Desch Plantpak

Transforming post-consumer plastic into horticulture growing pots

Global Sustainable Enterprise System

GSES is a worldwide accepted international standard to holistically measure your sustainability performance. A meta standard that unifies every sustainability standard in the world. Validated through independent partners and accreditation institutions.



CooLoo - Ecological in coating

We believe art, design, interior and exterior solutions can be created within a sustainable and circular economy. With a high degree of flexibility in application, shaping and production utilizing local waste materials. Keeping it simple and cost and material efficient.

TCO Certified

TCO Certified is the world’s most comprehensive sustainability certification for IT products


ECOR is a lightweight, high performance, clean, VOC-free, green panel that is 100% recycled and recyclable.

Deko Eko

Deko Eko: we transfer waste into value!


EcoBean is a project powered by coffee. We turn waste left over from your daily cup of coffee, that would otherwise end up in the landfill, into eco-friendly products.

Turn your waste into wealth with us on the biggest marketplace in Europe.

Tetra Pak

Protects What’s Good


TOMRA creates sensor-based solutions for optimal resource productivity


Rolling out innovations in waste collection, transport, sorting and recycling, to transform plastic packaging waste into valuable products.


Seven European cities pilot solutions to be more circular


The Cardboard Tray for Sustainable Food Industry

Blue Fifty Polska

We specialize in applying innovative technologies in environmental engineering.