Cintrifuse Supply Chain Summit - Radical Transparency


Supply Chains, New Commerce, the Next Wave of Consumer Experience. Both consumers and businesses are demanding dramatically greater visibility and “traceability” of every link in supply chains. Covid-19 has only intensified this expectation. Consumers want to know how products they use have been produced, processed, touched, shipped, stocked, and sold. They’re not willing to accept blanket assurances; they want specific information to guide their “New Commerce” purchasing and usage decisions. For businesses, it’s a matter of responsibility, risk, resilience and cost. Safety is important, but they also want to understand the risks of supply chain failures, the costs of redundancy, and the role that technology can play. Join us August 26-27 for a game-changing virtual event focused on the future of supply chains -- featuring leading-edge innovators, startups investors, technology experts, and even digitally savvy activists. We’ll experience the breathtaking pace of supply-chain innovation, meet the entrepreneurs and investors who are on the front edge of this innovation, and explore how Greater Cincinnati — America’s “Great SupplyWay” — is leading the way toward a future that is arriving faster than we ever imagined.

What To Expect:
• August 26th and August 27th from 8:30 a.m. - noon 
• 6 Main Sessions (10+ speakers)
• 10+ Startup Innovation Gallery 
• LIVE Networking 

Full Schedule Will Be Announced SOON! 

Questions We’ll Tackle:
  • What is “Trust” When Everything’s Transparent?
  • The Unstoppable Greening of Supply Chains
  • The Consumer is Boss...On Steroids!
  • Can Brands be High Touch in a Zero Touch World? 
  • Is “Blended Reality” the Answer to Transparency Expectations?
  • If Traceability’s the Need, Has Block Chain’s Moment Finally Arrived? 
  • Is “Buy Local” Back With a Vengeance? 
  • Will Shopping Apps Soon Filter Products by Diversity?
  • Why is Kroger Obsessed with Zero Hunger, Zero Waste? 
  • Will Consumers Pay More if they have the Full Story? 
  • What if Every Brand Acted Like Patagonia? 
  • Is Alexa Dissing Brands on Obvious Questions? What About Google?
  • Will Radical Transparency Dial up Supplier Inclusion? 
  • What Can Digital Activists Teach Us About Tech-Driven Innovation? 
  • What New Leadership Skills Are Required in a World of Radical Transparency?

Startup Showcase and Sponsorship Opportunities: Contact Eric Weissmann, Cintrifuse Vice President of External Relations and Union Hall Services ([email protected]). 


From $25.00 to $50.00
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