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Church Economics: Remembering our mission

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Featuring Keynotes Willie James Jennings and Tim Soerens and a conversation with Amy Butler and Joe Daniels.

Churches are in economic crisis. The reasons are well known: declining membership, buildings constructed for a previous generation, underutilized resources and now Covid. It is clear our business models no longer work. But there is more to the story. Our economic crisis is in fact a crisis of mission. When we are struggling to keep our heads above water it’s easy to lose sight of our “why.”

But in the midst of this crisis, some bright lights are emerging:

  • Churches using their assets to transform their communities and provide security across generations.
  • Shuttered houses of worship giving birth to new enterprises to meet the needs of their neighbors.
  • Pastors partnering with local governments to alleviate homelessness and provide a path to permanent housing.
  • Denominations choosing to creatively and courageously make change on a wholesale basis.

Join this community of innovators on October 8 to hear their stories. Learn what’s working, what practitioners are discovering, and catch a new imagination for what’s possible.

Church Economics is the first of a set of partner events. The second event, Neighborhood Economics: Healing our communities, will be held Tuesday, November 17. The twin economic crises in the church and in the country have been laid bare in new ways this past year. Rather than viewing them as separate forces, Faith+Finance sees these crises as two sides of the same coin. And they share a common solution: It's time for the church to reclaim its mission. 

Both the October and November event will be anchored with keynote speakers and an engaging interactive workshop that provides a tool and framework for participants to use and apply in their own context., as well as dynamic panels of practitioners, entrepreneurs, and community leaders.

Registration costs are $45 for Church Economics and $95 for Neighborhood Economics. Or join our online community for a Prime Membership of $74.99 and get a discount code for both events and all other Faith+Finance offerings in 2020 free.


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Opening Plenary
Keynote by Tim Soerens followed by a conversation on "How to Keep our Why" with Amy Butler and Joe Daniels.
Amy Butler Joe Daniels Tim Soerens
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Workshop: What Now?
An interactive workshop hosted by RootedGood based on their newly released tool for leading from mission.
Mark Sampson Shannon Hopkins Mark Elsdon
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What Are Our Assets?
When congregations understand what their assets are it often opens the way to leverage them to preserve and enhance the congregation’s mission.
Kevin Jones Sidney Williams Dr. Pamela Jolly Mark Elsdon Patrick Duggan
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Leading Through Change
Hear from leaders with expertise in the hard work of helping pastors and church leaders imagine a new future.
Shannon Kiser Daniel Pryfogle Lisa Greenwood Neil Moseley David Bailey
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Reimagining How our Buildings Fulfill the Church’s Mission
The old business model of the church is failing but innovative practitioners are finding new ways to be sustainable and make a difference.
David Kresta Sarah Woolsey Sunia Gibbs Joe Daniels Tim Soerens
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· Sessions
Taking Common Action
Clergy clusters, denominations, and conferences are forging creative partnerships as they create new ‘business models’ for the Church.
Brian Rossbert Abbott Bailey Stephanie Martin Taylor Amy Cantrell Leroy Barber
· Sessions
Assets in Transition: A Case Study
Learn about what the UMC is doing with churches in North Carolina.
Patrick Duggan Joel Gilland
· Sessions
Preaching and Teaching in Difficult Times
Too often it’s difficult to preach about the most pressing issues, but if the church is silent on difficult topics, how can we proclaim the Good News?
Buddy Stallings Lisa Cressman Winnie Varghese David Bailey
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Closing Plenary
Rev. Dr. Willie James Jennings


Shannon Kiser

Fresh Expressions US

Mark Sampson


Rosa Lee Harden


Kevin Jones


Daniel Pryfogle


Brian Rossbert

Interfaith Alliance

Lisa Greenwood

The United Methodist Development Fund

David Kresta


Sunia Gibbs

Parish Collective

Sarah Woolsey

Mission City Renewal

Abbott Bailey

Episcopal Diocese of California

Shannon Hopkins

Co-founder & Lead Cultivator, RootedGood

Dr. Pamela Jolly

Torch Enterprises

Sidney Williams

Crossing Capital Group

Stephanie Martin Taylor

Episcopal Diocese of California

Kathleen Van Voorhis

Interfaith Alliance

Amy Cantrell

BeLoved Asheville

Mark Elsdon


Buddy Stallings


Leroy Barber

Word Made Flesh

Joel Gilland

Wesley CDC

David Bailey


Winnie Varghese

Trinity Wallstreet

Neil Moseley

The Church Cartographers

Joe Daniels

Emory Fellowship

Lisa Cressman

Backstory Preaching

Amy Butler


Patrick Duggan

UCC Church Building & Loan Fund

Tim Soerens

Parish Collective

Rev. Dr. Willie James Jennings

Yale Divinity School

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We are a new movement with a bias towards action to showcase an alternative economic imagination that comes from our faith.

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