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Scott Chacon

CEO and Co-founder of Chatterbug

Tobias Dickmeis

CPO and Co-founder at Tandem

Jennifer Dorman

Senior Instructional Designer at Babbel

Lydia Machova

Founder of Language Mentoring and Polyglot

Steve Kaufmann

Internet Polyglot/Founder of LingQ

Geoff Stead

CPO of Babbel

Mark Pentleton

Founder of Coffee Break Languages

Marija Dobrovolska

CEO and founder of Deutsch mit Marija/ Youtuber

Michael Shangkuan

CEO of Lingoda

Javier Santana

Head of Digital Education at Lingoda

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We are an online language learning company that teaches language through adaptive courses, 1v1 video sessions with native speakers, and engaging and fun live streams.

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