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Celebrate Halloween Season

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Celebrate Halloween Season with Lucy A. Snyder!

Join us for an interview with Lucy A. Snyder, the author of Halloween Season, a presentation on post-COVID horror, audience Q&A, an audience costume party, trick or treating in our Expo area, and more! With special guest Lynne Hansen, renowned horror cover artist!

About the Book

Halloween is the most wonderful part of the year for many of us. For dedicated fans, the season begins when the leaves start turning autumn colors and doesn’t finish until Hallowtide ends in November. With it comes a whole lot of fun: scary movies and stories, haunted houses, seasonal sweets, spooky decorations, costume parties, and of course trick or treat. But Halloween is also a deeply spiritual time for some; it’s an opportunity to remember and honor loved ones who have passed on. 

Master storyteller Lucy A. Snyder has filled her cauldron with everything that Halloween means to her and distilled it into a spell-binding volume of stories. Within these pages you’ll find thrills and chills, hilarity and horrors, the sweet and the naughty. 

One of the best things about Halloween is you don’t have to be yourself. So go ahead and try on a new mask or two … you may discover hidden talents as a witch, a pirate, a space voyager, a zombie fighter, or even an elf. This is the perfect collection to celebrate the season of the dead or to summon those heady autumn vibes whenever you like. You may even find a couple of tales that evoke a certain winter holiday that keeps trying to crowd in on the fun. 

In the worlds within this book, every day is Halloween!

About the Author

Author Lucy A. Snyder
Lucy A. Snyder is the five-time Bram Stoker Award-winning and Shirley Jackson Award-nominated author of over 100 published short stories and 14 books. Chaosium will release her novel The Girl With the Star-Stained Soul sometime in 2021. She also wrote the novels Spellbent, Shotgun Sorceress, and Switchblade Goddess, the nonfiction book Shooting Yourself in the Head for Fun and Profit: A Writer’s Survival Guide, and the collections Garden of Eldritch Delights, While the Black Stars Burn, Soft Apocalypses, Orchid Carousals, Sparks and Shadows, Chimeric Machines, and Installing Linux on a Dead Badger. Her writing has been translated into French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Czech, and Japanese editions and has appeared in publications such as Asimov’s Science Fiction, Apex Magazine, Nightmare Magazine, Pseudopod, Strange Horizons, and Best Horror of the Year

With Michael Bailey, Lucy also co-edited the critically-acclaimed collaborative dark fiction anthology Chiral Mad 4. When she’s not writing, she’s faculty in Seton Hill University’s MFA program in Writing Popular Fiction and also works as a freelance developmental editor in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. You can learn more about her at and you can follow her on Twitter at @LucyASnyder.

About the Artist

Cover artist Lynne Hansen

I am an artist who loves telling stories. I specialize in art for book covers because I spent 18 years as a published author and I know intimately how important a good cover is. It's not enough anymore to simply convey the essence of a book in a single image. Because most purchases happen online now, book covers need to resonate well as a thumbnail. When a reader clicks on one, it needs to draw you in even more. There needs to be some bonus level of detail that propels the potential customer to read the book description, and then click that all-important "buy now" button.

In terms of the real-world book-buying experience, after the front cover makes you pick up a book, you need that ever-important flip to the back cover. The back cover better add another level of intrigue so that people will read your book description and want to buy your book.

Creating art for book covers is as much about marketing as it is about art. As a fellow creative, I want to see authors and publishers find their audiences just like I enjoy connecting with my patrons over my art.

I have over fifteen years of experience in marketing and promotions including art and design. I started creating book covers when my husband Jeff Strand decided to make his humorous horror novel The Sinister Mr. Corpse available as an e-book. Once people saw Jeff’s next e-book Wolf Hunt, I started to receive requests to design covers for other authors. Now I get to tell other people's stories through the art of the book cover and I love every minute of it.

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Have Fun

This online event features a main stage where author Lucy A. Snyder and artist Lynne Hansen will lead the event. You can interact with the onscreen presenters, other attendees, and event staff through the chat area, and take polls as they pop up there as well. After the presentations, you can explore other areas of our virtual event space.
The Expo area features vendors just like at a convention. Here you will find publishers, authors, other workshops, and more.
In the Networking area, you can meet other attendees in speed networking sessions of 30 seconds to 5 minutes in length. If you want to maintain this connection you can exchange contact info that will be stored in your Hopin profile for later reference, just like exchanging business cards at an in-person event. The system introduces you to other attendees at random.
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