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Business of Cannabis | Lunch+Learn with CannDelta

96 people attended
CannDelta, the Official Regulatory Advisory of Business of Cannabis, is midway through releasing their series: So, You Want to Open a Cannabis Retail Store?

This Friday Lunch+Learn event will feature CannDelta experts describing important steps along the way to becoming a cannabis retail store and answer questions from attendees.

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· Stage
Welcome + Introduction
Jay Rosenthal of Business of Cannabis will welcome attendees and introduce Chris Lavoie of the CannDelta team.
Jay Rosenthal
· Stage
CannDelta Presentation
CannDelta will present an overview of their series: So, You Want to Open a Cannabis Retail Store?
Chris Lavoie
· Stage
Question + Answer Session
CannDelta will answer questions generated from attendees.
Chris Lavoie Jay Rosenthal
· Stage
Program Conclusion + Announcements
Jay Rosenthal of Business of Cannabis will conclude program and thank attendees and presenters.
Jay Rosenthal
· Sessions
More CannDelta Q&A
CannDelta team will answer further Q&A from attendees.
Chris Lavoie
· Networking
One-on-one networking session is available to all attendees. Connect with other industry professionals for 4 minutes and 20 seconds each.


Jay Rosenthal

Co-Founder + President, Business of Cannabis

Chris Lavoie


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