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Bullish on Africa

557 people attended
Bullish on Africa is a digital conference that will speak to the future of Africa's tech industry with optimism and strength and critical thinking about what it takes to get to a stronger industry from where we are today.

In the face of a global pandemic and widespread uncertainty, there is understandable caution among investors and operators globally. Despite this reasonable concern, some of the smartest investors and operators are going against the grain and looking for opportunities in Africa.

This digital conference will bring together experienced tech thinkers and doers from across the world including entrepreneurs and investors to share their experiences about what the continent should be building and how to build strong, sustainable and profitable companies in a moment of crisis.

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Event Agenda
Event Guide (Navigating Hopin)

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Golden Rule

Please be civil and polite to all other attendees. No spam messages or ads in chat rooms or in DMs. Chat admins will be forced to remove defaulting attendees from the event after a warning. Other attendees can report people who violate this rule in DMs.


· Networking
Pre-Event Networking
Team TechCabal
· Expo
Team TechCabal
· Sessions
Welcome Speech
Tomiwa Aladekomo Yacob Berhane
· Sessions
Keynote Presentation: Funding Africa's Future
Kola  Aina
· Sessions
Fireside Chat: The tech ecosystem's response to the current pandemic
Amandla Ooko-Ombaka Kola  Aina
· Networking
Short Break
Team TechCabal
· Sessions
Interactive Lightning Round Session: Digital Transformation - “Building the Future”
Tayo Oyegunle Tomiwa Aladekomo Leonard Ebute
· Networking
Short break 2
Team TechCabal
· Sessions
Fireside chat - The Africa Opportunity: Future Trends
Ben Harburg Tomiwa Aladekomo
· Sessions
Investor panel: Bullish on the future
Nneka Chime Dotun Olowoporoku Andreata Muforo Ben Schmerler Samakab Hashi
· Sessions
Music (Long break)
Henry Lukoma
· Networking
Networking (Long Break)
Team TechCabal
· Sessions
Workshop: Building your organization around the future of work
Yacob Berhane Gareth Lloyd Selman Kaldiroglu
· Sessions
Operator Panel: The future of health tech
Kayode Oyewole Emilian Popa Abasi Ene-Obong Sheraan Amod Alain Nteff
· Sessions
Side Panel: Building a social product/service in response to a crisis
Fu'ad Lawal
· Sessions
Investor-matchmaking Session
Yacob Berhane Team TechCabal
· Sessions
Operator Panel: The future of education tech
Wossen Ayele Phoebe Khagame Nisha Ligon Mehdi  Oulmakki
· Sessions
Closing remarks
Chidi Uguru
· Sessions
Happy Hour/Music
Babatunde Bashir-Bello
· Networking
Post-event Networking
Team TechCabal
· Expo
Team TechCabal


Team TechCabal

Event Organizer

Nisha Ligon

CEO, UbongoKids

Wossen Ayele

Cofounder, Pariti

Babatunde Bashir-Bello

DJ Babus

Henry Lukoma

DJ Goma

Fu'ad Lawal

Head of Content, Big Cabal Media

Samakab Hashi

Partner, Lateral Capital

Leonard Ebute

Nigeria Country Manager, Lori Systems

Ben Schmerler

Managing Director, SUNU Capital

Yacob Berhane

CEO & Co-Founder, Pariti

Gareth Lloyd

CTO, Pariti

Tomiwa Aladekomo

CEO, Big Cabal Media

Amandla Ooko-Ombaka

Associate Partner, McKinsey

Kola Aina

Founder, Ventures Platform

Chidi Uguru

Head of Partnerships, Big Cabal Media

Tayo Oyegunle

VP Global Operations at Kobo360

Alain Nteff

CEO, Healthlane

Ben Harburg

Managing Partner, MSA Capital

Sheraan Amod

Founder/CEO, Recomed

Andreata Muforo

Partner, TLCom TIDE Africa Fund

Dotun Olowoporoku

Associate Investment Director, Novastar Ventures

Selman Kaldiroglu

Head of Product, Pariti

Nneka Chime

Head of Nigeria Advisory, Crossboundary

Phoebe Khagame

Head of Operations, M-Shule

Abasi Ene-Obong

CEO, 54Gene

Emilian Popa

CEO & Cofounder, ILARA Health

Mehdi Oulmakki

Head of Curriculum, Moringa School

Kayode Oyewole

Partner, Ventures Platform

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