Brits by the Bay 2020

Brits by the Bay is for UK based founders to learn how to land in the US and for high growth founders to fast track scaling & access to capital.
  • For UK based founders to gain expert advice from industry leading British founders, investors and tech executives who have scaled businesses in the US market. 
  • For Fast Track Founders to build connections with limited invite only events and our commitment to small group sessions, providing interactions with impact.
  • For Investors to support UK based portfolio founders and connect with the SV based investor community.
  • Cancellation policy: full refund up to 1 month in advance of the event (August 15)

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· Stage
Welcome to GBx & Brits by the Bay
Joe White Andy	 McLoughlin
· Stage
Coming to America - US Market Access
· Sessions
Market Access Breakouts
Daniel	 Hyde Lianna	 Whittleton Malcolm Joy Mark	 Harrison Mike	 Whitacre Terry	 Shaw Jaclyn	 Mason Lee	 Daley Daniel	 Glazer Mark	 Barron Elizabeth	 Jamae Sam	 Wilkins Paula 	 Skokowski
· Stage
Enterprise Panel
Dom	 Lewis Simon 	 Wistow Andy	 McLoughlin
· Stage
Fireside Chat with Wendy Tan White
Jemima	 Kiss Wendy	 Tan White
· Sessions
Breakouts: Founders <> Founders
Zuleyka Strasner Nicky	 Goulimis Steven	 Webster Jude	 Gomila Robyn 	 Exton Amber	 Atherton Anthemos	 Georgiades Russell	 Middleton Sam	 Chaudhary Mike	 Hughes Alastair Paterson Julian Green Danny King Bob Goodson Julian Gay
· Sessions
Breakouts: Investor <> Investor
Nicole	 Quinn Alastair Mitchell Andy	 McLoughlin Janice	 Roberts Pete Flint Alex Lim
· Stage
Panel - Consumer, Marketplaces & Corona
Rahul Vohra Sam	 Chaudhary Nicole	 Quinn
· Stage
From the Lab to the US Market
Ronjon	 Nag Julian Green
· Stage
Fireside chat with Cal Henderson, CTO & Co-Founder, Slack
Cal Henderson
· Stage
Fundraising in SV - Early Stage Panel
Pete Flint Joe White
· Sessions
Breakouts: Founder <> Investor
Julian Gay Melissa 	 Taunton Alexsis	 de Raadt St James David	 Buller Bill	 Lehmann Pete Flint Ash Rust Nicky	 Kamra Sunny Dhillon Hannah	 Chelkowski Janice	 Roberts Joe White Alastair Mitchell Andy	 McLoughlin Nicole	 Quinn
· Stage
Fundraising in SV - Growth Panel
Melissa 	 Taunton Alex Lim Alastair Mitchell


Dom	 Lewis
Dom Lewis

Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer @

Terry	 Shaw
Terry Shaw

Partner, erevena

Mike	 Whitacre
Mike Whitacre

Partner, Frazier & Deeter, LLC

Mark	 Harrison
Mark Harrison

Head of International Connectivity for Eagle Labs, Barclays Ventures

Malcolm Joy
Malcolm Joy

UK Managing Partner, Frazier & Deeter

Lianna	 Whittleton
Lianna Whittleton

Partner, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

Daniel	 Hyde
Daniel Hyde

Partner, Blick Rothenberg

Zuleyka Strasner
Zuleyka Strasner

Founder & CEO, Zero

Steven	 Webster
Steven Webster

Founder and CEO, asensei

Nicky	 Goulimis
Nicky Goulimis

Co-Founder & COO, Nova Credit

Rahul Vohra
Rahul Vohra

Founder & CEO, Superhuman

Paula 	 Skokowski
Paula Skokowski

CMO, Incognia

Simon 	 Wistow
Simon Wistow

Technical Co-Founder, Fastly

Alex Lim
Alex Lim

Venture @ IVP

Alexsis	 de Raadt St James
Alexsis de Raadt St James

Managing Partner at Merian Ventures

Melissa 	 Taunton
Melissa Taunton

Partner at New Enterprise Associates (NEA)

David	 Buller
David Buller

Venture Partner at Ascension Ventures

Bill	 Lehmann
Bill Lehmann

Partner at Bain Capital Ventures

Sam	 Wilkins
Sam Wilkins

Erevena (Talent)

Elizabeth	 Jamae
Elizabeth Jamae

Pearl Law Group (Immigration)

Mark	 Barron
Mark Barron

Taylor Wessing (Operations - Legal & Finance)

Daniel	 Glazer
Daniel Glazer

WSGR (Operations - Legal & Finance)

Pete Flint
Pete Flint

Managing Partner, NFX

Ash Rust
Ash Rust

Managing Partner, Sterling Road

Jude	 Gomila
Jude Gomila

Founder and CEO, Golden

Nicky	 Kamra
Nicky Kamra

Streamlined Ventures

Sunny Dhillon
Sunny Dhillon

Partner, Signia Venture Partners

Lee	 Daley
Lee Daley

Chairman, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer & Co-Founder, hello genius

Jemima	 Kiss
Jemima Kiss

Editor and journalist

Hannah	 Chelkowski
Hannah Chelkowski

Investor, Inovia Capital

Ronjon	 Nag
Ronjon Nag

Founder & Managing Director, R42 Group, Visiting Fellow, Stanford Center for the Study of Language & Information

Janice	 Roberts
Janice Roberts

Partner, Benhamou Venture Partners

Robyn 	 Exton
Robyn Exton

Founder & CEO, HER

Helen Moore
Helen Moore

Head of US Tech, DIT

Jaclyn	 Mason
Jaclyn Mason

Regional Director - Silicon Valley & Northwest US at Department for International Trade (DIT)

Julian Gay
Julian Gay

CEO & Founder Xendo (exit to AppDirect), Early Stage Investor

Bob Goodson
Bob Goodson

Founder & CEO, Quid

Danny King
Danny King

CEO & Co-founder, Accredible

Julian Green
Julian Green

CEO & Founder, Stealth

Alastair Paterson
Alastair Paterson

CEO & Founder, Digital Shadows

Mike	 Hughes
Mike Hughes

Co-CEO & Co-Founder, LoopUp

Sam	 Chaudhary
Sam Chaudhary

CEO & Co-Founder, ClassDojo

Russell	 Middleton
Russell Middleton

Cofounder, Zumper

Nicole	 Quinn
Nicole Quinn

Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners

Anthemos	 Georgiades
Anthemos Georgiades

CEO, Zumper

Andy	 McLoughlin
Andy McLoughlin

Partner, Uncork Capital

Alastair Mitchell
Alastair Mitchell

Partner, EQT Ventures

Amber	 Atherton
Amber Atherton

CEO & Founder, Zyper

Joe White
Joe White

General Partner, Entrepreneur First

Cal Henderson
Cal Henderson

CTO & Co-Founder, Slack

Wendy	 Tan White
Wendy Tan White

Vice President, (aka magic codifier) at X Alphabet’s moonshot factory


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