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Breathe Virtual Wellness 3.0

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Breathe by OMNoire is a virtual wellness retreat experience for women who need space to breathe, to connect, cultivate, and bloom.

On Saturday, May 9th, we are excited to present our 3rd installment of our Breathe by OMNoire Virtual Retreats "The V-Spot."

Join us for an all day retreat experience specially curated to address much needed conversations in our community surrounding our reproductive health, vaginal wellness, sexual wellness, fertility and infertility, egg freezing, and more.

You'll hear from real women on their personal fertility journeys and from leading experts in women's health.

A live DJ will be spinning throughout the afternoon.

A portion of the proceeds will go direct COVID-19 relief to women in our community.

NOTE: Replays are only granted to ticket holders. If you're unable to attend yet interested in the sessions, we suggest purchasing a ticket and you will be on our email list to receive access to replays.


· Stage
Opening Music Vibes - DJ Stormy
DJ Stormy
· Stage
Welcome from OMNoire Founder, Christina Rice
Christina  Rice
· Stage
V Spot Healing: Opening Meditation w/ Chocolako
Chocolako | @chocolako
· Stage
Infertility & Hope: Love, Life & Everything in Between - In conversation with Bee Sherel and Dr. Kristy Holloway
Christina  Rice Bee Sherel Dr. Kristy  Christopher-Holloway
· Stage
Periodt! Know Your Flow, It Matters - Shanicia Boswell in Conversation w/ Dr. Charis Chambers
Dr. Charis Chambers
· Stage
Black Love: The Journey To Motherhood w/ Selima Harleston Lust & Tami Lust
Christina  Rice Selima Harleston Lust
· Stage
OH Baby! #PregnantOver40 - Kelly Keith & Ylorie Taylor in Conversation w/ Blessing Adesiyan
Blessing Adesiyan Kelly Keith Ylorie Taylor
· Sessions
Giving Yourself Grace: Coping w/ Mother's Day Grief
Christina  Rice Cha'Ke'Sha Spencer
· Sessions
Womb Healing Yoga w/ Chocolako
Chocolako | @chocolako
· Stage
Music Break w/ DJ Stormy
DJ Stormy
· Stage
I Froze My Eggs: A Candid Talk On Fertility Planning - Tai Beauchamp in conversation with Dr. Cindy M. Duke
Christina  Rice Tai  Beauchamp Dr. Cindy M. Duke / @drcindymduke
· Stage
V-Spot Wellness, Self Advocacy & Education w/ Dr. Ruth Arumala, Dr. Jessica Shepherd & Dr. Kiarra King
Dr. Jessica Shepherd Dr. Ruth Arumala Dr. Kiarra King
· Stage
Never Waste A Drip: Sex Therapy & Yoni Steaming Masterclass w/ Dr. Zhaleh Phillips and Adrienne William, moderated by Tracy G.
Tracy G Adrienne Williams Dr. Zhaleh Phillips
· Sessions
Breakout Sessions - Live Q&A w/ Speakers


Cha'Ke'Sha Spencer

LPC, CPCS, Psychotherapist

Dr. Kristy Christopher-Holloway


Dr. Zhaleh Phillips

Intuitive Healer

Selima Harleston Lust

Co-Founders of Iwilla Remedy

Chocolako | @chocolako

MPH, MBA. Wellness and Wholeness Mentor for Entrepreneurs and Executives

Adrienne Williams

Sex Therapist, LMSW, MSW, M.Ed and PhD candidate

Dr. Kiarra King

MD, FACOG Board Certified OB/GYN, Women’s Health Expert, Social Media Influencer

Dr. Ruth Arumala

OB/GYN with specialty in the management of pregnancy, fibroids, PCOS, and menopause

Dr. Cindy M. Duke / @drcindymduke

MD, PhD, FACOG. Fertility Doctor, Podcaster, Medical Influencer

Ylorie Taylor

Vice President - EDEN BodyWorks | Founder - BrownGirlMarketing

Dr. Jessica Shepherd

MD, MBA, FACOG. Board Certified OB/GYN, Media Health Expert

Tai Beauchamp

Co-founder, Brown Girl Jane

Kelly Keith

VP, Marketing Premium Brands

Blessing Adesiyan

Founder, Mother Honestly

DJ Stormy

Resident DJ

Dr. Charis Chambers

Board certified OB/GYN with fellowship training in Pediatric & Adolescent Gynecology.

Shanicia Boswell

Founder Black Moms Blog

Bee Sherel

Healthcare Consultant

Christina Rice

Host, Founder of OMNoire

Tracy G

Wellness Artist

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Hosted by

Christina Rice

Founder of OMNoire, a wellness platform for women of color

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A private member’s community for women who need space to breathe to connect, cultivate, and bloom.

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