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Black Girls Teach Level Up Virtual Retreat

289 people attended

Welcome to the Black Girls Teach Level Up Virtual Retreat! We send you love and light and  hope you are here because you share in our spirit of revolution. Black women educators are the key to our future. For as Dr. Johnetta B. Cole would say, “when you educate a woman [-] you educate a nation.” Our retreat will empower you to own your expertise, to be your whole self, to raise the bar for educators,  educational policy and practice and to not only survive, but thrive. 

The universe is calling us to be a little bit braver, to prioritize our growth and healing, and to self-actualize and reach our full potential. Join us as we uplift the voices and expertise of some of the most amazing Black women educators in the country. From our master classes, to our Elevation Series, you will be pushed to think critically, evaluate your current work and encouraged to level up. Our virtual retreat will provide you with chances to learn, socialize and network with these leaders, activists and educators in an intimate setting, free from white gaze. 

For the last five years Black Girls Teach has fought to design events where Black women educators are centered and respected, where their voices are amplified and shared, and where our intellect is free to shift, grow and imagine our future. As educators ourselves we know the trials and triumphs of teaching scholars, leading adults, gaining wealth and navigating spaces where we do not always see others like us. 
We can not afford to stay stagnant and accept what others have laid out. This retreat is making sure you have the tools to build your own tables. We have worked hard to curate a space where you can feel safe, open to be vulnerable and full of spirit. 
Here’s to the revolution!  Here’s to you leveling up!


· Stage
“Boss Up”: Owning your Expertise and Cancelling Imposter Syndrome
In this session we will dive into Imposter Syndrome and empower you to raise out of the shadows. We'll share tools to shift your mindset and own your expertise.
Deidra  Fogarty Melody Andrews Shani Glaudé Brittany White Malika Grayson
· Stage
“You Got This!”: Rebuilding and Resetting with Resilience
In this session we will dive into the depths of Imposter Syndrome empower you to raise out of the shadows and shine your light.
Robyn Gobin, Ph.D. Monica Ellis-Blied Krystal Reddick Melissa Allen Alexis Shepard Dionne LaTouche
· Sessions
Self care and Resetting with Dr. Robyn Gobin
Dionne LaTouche Deidra  Fogarty Robyn Gobin, Ph.D.
· Sessions
“Master Teacher Chronicles”: Becoming a Master Educator
In this session we will shine a light on the craft of teaching. We'll discuss the intellectual lift educators must endure & uplift the Black Master Educator.
Jessica Williams Tamara Russell Tanesha Forman Darrian Tanner Shenise Miller Tiffany Jackson
· Sessions
“Leading While Black”: Navigating spaces as a Black Woman
This session will amplify real talk from real leaders with unique experiences working in white and male dominated education spaces.
Khadeejah Smith Juanita Morrow Mekeisha Brown Felicia Owo-Grant Shantel Sappleton
· Sessions
“Raising Your Bar”: Positioning Yourself for Leadership
This session will highlight the paths to educational leadership, including real experiences and lessons learned to empower rising leaders.
Jamilah Hud-Kirk Nia Ladson Nita Creekmore Khalia Murray Safiya O'Connor
· Stage
“Survive & Thrive in Education”: A Master Class
This session serves to not only offer up the keys to surviving and thriving but also address the consequences of not knowing.
Danielle  Alanna Juail Goode, EdD Silvana Spence Deidra  Fogarty Shawnette  Sharpe
· Stage
“Securing the Bag”: Entrepreneurship for Educators
In this session we will talk candidly the power of entrepreneurship. It’s time we live abundantly, monetize our gifts and secure the bag for our futures.
Latrice Crawford Deidra  Fogarty Krystal Allen LaNesha Tabb Tiffany (@tiffanylewis.propels) Lewis
· Stage
Closing Speaker
Franchesca.  Warren


Franchesca. Warren

CEO, The Educator's Room

Latrice Crawford

Entrepreneur and Consultant

Robyn Gobin, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

Khadeejah Smith

Head of School

Juanita Morrow

Assistant Principal

Monica Ellis-Blied

Psychologist and Life Coach

Danielle Alanna


Silvana Spence


Juail Goode, EdD

CEO, Goode Education Group

Jessica Williams


Jamilah Hud-Kirk


Krystal Reddick

Self-Care Coach

Mekeisha Brown

Assistant Principal

Nita Creekmore

Instructional Coach

Krystal Allen

Founder & CEO, K. Allen Consulting

Tanesha Forman


Tamara Russell


Shawnette Sharpe

Instructional Coach

Nia Ladson

Assistant Principal and SST Coordinator

Melissa Allen

Elementary Educator

Tiffany Jackson

Master Literacy and AP Instructor, Consultant

Shantel Sappleton


Felicia Owo-Grant

Head of School

Melody Andrews

Educator & Doctoral Student

Khalia Murray


Tiffany (@tiffanylewis.propels) Lewis

Entrepreneur and Educator

Alexis Shepard


Dionne LaTouche


Malika Grayson

Speaker, STEM Advocate, Writer

Safiya O'Connor

Educator and Instructional Coach

Brittany White

Project Coordinator

Shani Glaudé

Therapist and Owner of The Connection Experience

Shenise Miller


Darrian Tanner

Educator and Instructional Mentor

LaNesha Tabb


Deidra Fogarty

Educator and Founder of Black Girls Teach

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Black Girls Teach

We create events to empower educators through intentional professional & personal development, advocacy, and affinity groups.

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