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We're thrilled to be taking ARVR INNOVATE Online for 2020 with an incredible line-up of speakers, virtual roundtable discussions and networking opportunities.

The full agenda for ARVR Innovate 2020 ONLINE is listed below. Join us online on Thursday May 07th, for the 7th International ARVR Innovate Conference and Online Expo. Where Augmented & Virtual Reality Get Down to Business. The AGENDA is below.

ARVR INNOVATE 2020 is packed with new speakers from top international companies deploying AR and VR in their businesses today.

One of Europe’s top events dedicated to the business of immersive tech, so if you’re serious about creating or deploying immersive technology in your organisation, it’s the event you need to attend. 


Speakers at ARVR INNOVATE will address a number of key market sectors and provide early adoption case studies relevant to many industry sectors including:

  • Industrial / Engineering
  • Training
  • Tourism and Events
  • Construction/Real Estate/Planning
  • Marketing Communication
  • Gaming and Entertainment

Our main stage features talks and panels from some of the top minds and influencers in AR and VR today. Feature discussions and presentations will be held on:

Enterprise AR use-case studies, improving your training with VR, upskilling for immersive tech in your business, building your brand with immersive tech, leveraging the power of AI, 5G and immersive tech…and more.

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· Stage
Welcome Address: Alex Gibson, College of Business, TU Dublin ...Founder & Conference Chair.Alex will introduce ARVR INNOVATE for new delegates for 2020 and will signpost how to use the virtual conference tool. He will also give his personal reflection on how these times are ones of enormous opportunity ( and challenge ) for the immersive technology sector.
Alex Gibson
· Stage
Virtual Reality for Training: The Top 5 Things You Need to Know, James Watson, CMO, Immerse. Panel discussion to include Thom Strimbu, Voxel Revolution
james watson Thom Strimbu
· Stage
AR Manufacturing: Integration & Implementation for increased Productivity & Efficiency, Special AREA Panel Discussion, led by Mark Sage, Executive Director, also participating, John Mathieu (Taqtile), Gary Smith ( Welsh Water ), Paul Sweeney (XR and Commercialisation Consultant, former COO DAQRI)
Mark Sage Gary Smith Paul Sweeney John Mathieu
· Expo
Networking and Expo: time to try out our novel virtual networking tool, or head over to our virtual booths where our exhibitors are ready to chat.
· Stage
Remote Assistance & Immersive Tech: Taking Industry to the next level: Speaker Patrick Liddy, Utility AR plus Panel Discussion with Andy O'Sullivan, Technologist, Incubator Team, Liberty IT
Andy O'Sullivan Patrick Liddy Alex Gibson
· Stage
Keynote Speaker, Miguel Sanchez, founder Mass Ideation, NYC, Post Covid: The future of Marketing and Immersive Technology. This webinar is in association with the Marketing Institute of Ireland
Alex Gibson Miguel Sanchez
· Stage
VR as an Interface to the Brain: presenter Niall O’Driscoll, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of vSteam Health, part of The vStream Group - Niall's presentation looks at using VR and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques to create patient-centric experiences that improve efficacy of treatment or 'what we can learn from Blade Runner to help improve patient outcomes'.
Niall O'Driscoll
· Stage
Keynote Speaker - Cathy Hackl, Presenter and Futurist & Author of 'The Augmented Workforce' "Welcome to the Spatial Era: How XR and AI are reshaping business as we know it". Joining Cathy for a roundtable will be Jonny Cosgrove, founder MeetingRoom, and Ródhan Hickey, Technologist in Residence, The Digital Hub
Rodhan Hickey Jonny Cosgrove Cathy Hackl
· Sessions
Education and Immersive Technology Roundtable: Join Dr Brian Vaughan, TU Dublin and Dr Abey Campbell, UCD in an exploration of how immersive technology is currently being used in education, and where it's headed
Abey Campbell Brian Vaughan David Gardiner
· Sessions
Immersive Tech and Creative Industries: Join Pete Woodbridge ( Liverpool John Moores University ) as he curates a panel from the creative sector spanning film-making, pop music and opera.
Peter Woodbridge James Bingham Caroline White Sarah Jones Camille Donegan
· Stage
Fireside Chat - Louisa Spring, Ms. Spring is an accomplished C- level executive in immersive media and gaming. Entrepreneur, gamer, lawyer, producer, she has moved the needle at every VR company she has worked with including facilitating deals with Intel, Oculus and Walmart with Spatialand which resulted in a successful acquisition. Ms. Spring has worked on award winning VR campaigns for Mini-Cooper and NYTVR, the award winning game Firebird: La Peri and other PC and VR games around the world. With, Louisa introduced the VR game to clubs all over the world and made deals with LaLiga. As a TV producer Ms. Spring has worked with Far Moor, (successfully acquired by Endemol), and William J. Macdonald, (Rome) as well as representing Sir Roger Moore, John Rhys-Davies and Christopher Judge. She's a former member of the board of BAFTALA, and practiced law in London.
Alex Gibson Louisa Spring
· Stage
Immersive Tech: Building the ROI Case: Cortney Harding: is a global thought leader, published author, and speaker on emerging technology and the role of virtual and augmented reality. She is the founder and CEO of a transformational VR/AR agency - Friends with Holograms - focused on creating innovative, powerful, and effective experiences for training. James Watson is CMO of Immerse ( keynoting at earlier Stage presentation ) and Mark Sage is Executive Director of AREA ( Augmented Reality Enterprise Alliance )
james watson Mark Sage Cortney Harding Healium _ Wendy Moore
· Sessions
Virtual Reality for Economic Development: This session aims to offer an opportunity to discuss the trends within a handful of the highest-rated marketing activities and to take a look at how IPAs and EDOs are adopting virtual reality to strengthen their location marketing efforts to prospective inward investors. Joining moderator Matt Harvey from Wavteq are Aaron Brossoit , CEO of Golden Shovel Agency and Erik Collins, Director of Montgomery County Economic Development, Ohio.
Aaron Brossoit Erik  Collins Matt Harvey
· Stage
Covid 19 and Immersive Tech – Rising to the challenge and opportunity
james watson David Gardiner Jay Latta Andy O'Sullivan
· Stage
Conference close and preview of Eirmersive Launch Party, this is taking place in VR on Altspace VR following from the conference at 5.30pm and you can still register
Alex Gibson Thom Strimbu


Louisa Spring


James Corbett


Patrick Liddy


Mark Sage

Keynote and Panel Moderator

Peter Woodbridge

Keynote and Panel Moderator

james watson


Paul Sweeney


Alex Gibson

Conference Host

Camille Donegan


Jonny Cosgrove


Andy O'Sullivan


Abey Campbell


Jay Latta


Caroline White


Brian Vaughan


Cortney Harding


Sarah Jones


David Gardiner


Thom Strimbu


John Mathieu


Matt Harvey


Niall O'Driscoll

Keynote speaker

Aaron Brossoit


Rodhan Hickey


Gary Smith


James Bingham


Cathy Hackl

Keynote Speaker

Erik Collins


Healium _ Wendy Moore


Miguel Sanchez

Keynote Speaker

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One of Europe's top Augmented and Virtual Reality conferences -- every May in Dublin, Ireland and for 2020 - free online event

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