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ART BISH Digital Festival

1002 people attended

The ART BISH Digital Festival a LIVE virtual event where you get to connect face-to-face with some of the most successful women in the creative space! 

From celebrity photographers to fashion designers, musicians, artists, and more, you get to virtually hop from stage to stage where our lineup will hosting a live Q&A about turning your creative passions into a career.

F*CK GATEKEEPING! We're sharing it all, that's why on this event platform you not only get to stream the festival, but you can request to join the stage and connect with the artists themselves via video chat!  Hang out with the baddest in the business, network with other creatives at the festival, and gain the tools and insights you need to level up your creative and entrepreneurial capabilities. 

So bring your questions, don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, and turn your cameras on (if you want) because we want you to #bethatbish!  

The Lineup:

Art Stage: Julia Ryan
Photography Stage: Peggy Shoots Film
Fashion Stage: Yung Reaper
Music Stage: Disco Shrine
Modeling Stage: Aixa Jahara
Beauty Stage: Nica Tan

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ART BISH Welcome
Claire Bishara
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Artist Sessions
Peggy Shoots Film Disco Shrine Yung Reaper Aixa Jahara Julia Ryan Nica Tan
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Connect with Creatives
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Aixa Jahara


Julia Ryan


Peggy Shoots Film


Nica Tan

Makeup Artist

Disco Shrine


Yung Reaper

Fashion Designer

Claire Bishara

Founder of ART BISH

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