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ART BISH Digital Festival!

158 people attended

The ART BISH Digital Festival is a LIVE online event where you can connect face-to-face with the most successful womxn in the creative space! 

From celebrity photographers, fashion designers, and full-time artists, virtually hop from stage to stage where our lineup of BADASS creatives will share their stories about how they got started, and answer your questions about how YOU can turn creativity into a career! 

F*CK GATEKEEPING! At the ART BISH Festival, you can request to join the stage via video chat, with the chance to talk to our headliners face-to-face! 

Attendees will also get to shop our virtual vendors booths and network with other creatives at the festival, getting exclusive deals & promos from womxn-run businesses and connecting with fellow creatives from around the world!

The Lineup:

STAGE 1: Fashion -  Badwood
STAGE 2: Beauty -
Sweet Mutuals
STAGE 3: Modeling -
Ashourina Washington
STAGE 4: Art -
Sincerely Art
STAGE 5: Music -
Cassie Marin
STAGE 6: Photography  -

So bring your questions, a notebook, and don't be afraid to get out of your comfort's time to turn your cameras on, connect with creatives, and #bethatbish! 

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· Stage
Welcome from ART BISH
Claire Bishara
· Sessions
Artist Stages
Natalie Wood Giselle Ibara Nailah Howze Ashourina Washington Cassie Marin Sweet Mutuals
· Networking
Connect with Creatives
· Expo
Shop Vendor Booths
Shai Hendrix Eleni  Tavlarides Claire Bishara


Eleni Tavlarides

Founder of Manic Diaries

Shai Hendrix

Founder of Alilpickle

Claire Bishara

Founder of ART BISH

Sweet Mutuals

Makeup Artist

Cassie Marin


Ashourina Washington


Nailah Howze


Giselle Ibara

Sincerely Art

Natalie Wood

Founder of BADWOOD

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