APAC GitLab Connect 2020

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Welcome to APAC GitLab Connect 2020.

This 5-day virtual experience is filled with insights and tips on how cloud native applications are the future of software development and why GitLab is the best place to build them.

If you are in SMB, Mid-Market or Enterprise, one of our partners or a member of our passionate opensource community, you will discover innovative solutions to help you get started with containers and cloud native development. 

Learn about designing, developing, and deploying multi cloud, with secure, resilient scalable applications using the cloud and Kubernetes, that improve the customer experience.

Using cloud native to build your applications has a number of tangible benefits because it:

  • Frees up your developers’ time
  • Saves money by monitoring and scaling application resources through cloud orchestration, i.e. container schedulers
  • Results in faster shipping
  • Aligns operations with business goals
  • Allows stakeholders more time to focus on building their business

Belong to a community of people passionate about DevOps.


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Power your cloud native applications with GitLab - cloud native applications use containers, microservices architecture, and container orchestrations with tight Kubernetes integration making GitLab the easiest way to build cloud native applications.
Hear how businesses are shifting from traditional deployment models to cloud native applications in a simple, secure and scalable way with GitLab.
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The Total Economic Impact™ of GitLab: Cost saving and business benefits of using SCM, CI and CD for enterprises enabled by GitLab - IT leaders are leaning on DevOps methodologies to help them meet market needs; to do so, DevOps teams must find ways to accelerate speed of delivery, decrease code flaws and improve time to market.
Learn how GitLab helps increase revenue by enabling organisations to deploy 12 times as many releases. [Bus]
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Automate your work from GitLab to Jira
Hear how the GitLab-Jira integration and migrations works.[Tech]
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Cloud native for business - In the era of cloud computing, Kubernetes has emerged as an engine for delivering reliable IT operations. Today, cloud native development and cycle time acceleration are increasingly important to business survival.
Learn what cloud native is and how it can increase your operational efficiency. [Bus]
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Deploy scalable apps with GitLab and Google Cloud Platform - The integration’s versatility speeds up software development and delivery while maintaining security and scale, allowing developers to focus on building apps instead of managing infrastructure.
Learn how to power spin up a Kubernetes cluster managed by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in a few clicks. [Tech]
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Join the GitLab Community of Channel Partners - The GitLab Partner Program is a new kind of program. It’s open to everyone and like our overall company culture, everyone can contribute.
Listen to how the GitLab Partner Program enables you to maximise the value of your DevOps expertise and the GitLab platform for our customers. [Bus]
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Git the most out of GitLab and AWS - In an ever-changing IT landscape, being able to seamlessly deploy, extend, adjust and manage environments is essential in business. GitOps focuses on creating a developer-centric experience in managing infrastructure and environments, by using tools developers are already familiar with, including Git and Continuous Deployment tools.
Leverage GitOps to improve your operational efficiencies with AWS. [Tech]
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Unleash the power of GitLab
Understand the value of GitLab Enterprise Editions and what it means for your business.
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