Agile100 Online Conference September 2020

475 people attended
Our Objective:
The AGILE100 virtual conference series aims to bring the knowledge and experience of the world’s top 100 agile thinkers and speakers to everyone across the globe. We want to embrace the latest technology to help spread the best ideas. At our core, we believe that people with access to knowledge and information can tackle any challenge and make our world more productive, more humane, and more sustainable.

Our Purpose:
The AGILE100 is a monthly event, that is hosted by the Agile Academy. The August installment will bring you 7 international experts in scrum, agile leadership, product ownership and development. We are happy to announce the lineup for the third installment on September 25th, with seven great agile Thinkers!

Our Speaker:
- Andrea Provaglio
- Antoinette Coetzee
- Evelyn Tian
- Greg Bernarda
- Marita Fridjohn
- Eric Engelmann
- Boris Radke

Our Aspiration, told by attendees:
Read the feedback from the retrospective and the event-chat from the first Agile100 in may: 

"#agile100 online conference is so far the biggest positive surprise on the field of onlineconferences. I will think about the Talking to the elephant talk by Linda Rising a lot in upcoming days and weeks... And my best 20 minutes of the day? Private discussion with Jim York about coaching executives :)
Thank you, Zuzana (Zuzi) Sochova and Sohrab Salimi for bringing this conference to the world! I'm going to add this monthly conference to my regular schedule :)"

"Fantastic talk w/insights to this great different world"

"Agile100 is the regular virtual conference bringing the top inspirational agilists to your homes"

"Great session with Markus Andrezak. I'm sitting in a room with some of the products you've described and never thought about what their story teaches us."

"Great to get a case study thats not around software."

"Interesting and Inspiring examples on how to act and adapt during this [COVID-19] pandemic."

"[...] there is soooo much stuff to learn from."

"Love how Darrell Rigby points out the irony in how many organizations approach change."

"Today was really inspiring, thank you many times! You shared with us a lot of great ideas and best practises. Amazing! Have a great friday evening and a wonderful weekend"


· Stage
Greg Bernarda: "The Big Game: Designing & Transforming Ecosystems"
· Stage
Boris Radke: "Comms as Central Driver of Your Org Transformation"
· Stage
Antoinette Coetzee: "Observation a Secret Superpower"
· Stage
Eric Engelmann: "Startup Agility: Creating Teams from Ground up with Agile Values"
· Stage
Andrea Provaglio: "From Efficiency to Effectiveness"
· Stage
Marita Fridjhon: Leading and Coaching from Relationship Systems Intelligence"
· Stage
Evelyn Tian: "The Inspiration Trap"
· Stage
CLOSING: Suzy & Sohrab

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Agile Academy

Make society more productive, more humane, and more sustainable!