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Accento Digital - Closed Beta v5.21

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Version 5.21

This here is the closed beta (what's that? see below) for:

  • Date: May 21st
  • Time: 1900 UTC (2100 CEST), but you can start logging in an hour earlier

We'll be chatting with Peter Verhas. Peter is a veteran Java software engineer, but that's not where his interests end. He will tell us a bit about Go and its memory system to explain how value types, Java's most anticipated language feature, will work.

Now, what's a closed beta?

Closed Betas

Conferences are more than just talks, they're also an opportunity to get in touch with speakers, to ask industry experts the questions that keep you up at night. Accento Digital (what's that? see below) will give you ample opportunity to do just that during the main event. And to break the ice, we're gonna start early and small.

Every week we'll meet for a closed beta: We'll hang out with a speaker or two for about an hour to get to know one another as well as Hopin (this platform here). We can learn a bit about the speakers' background, expertise, and their talk topic. And it won't just be the org team asking the questions - you can participate in the conversation as well (sharing your audio and video if you want) and ask whatever you want to know.

The org team will send you an invite link to each event about four hours before it starts.

To take part in these meetings, you need to be a participant. If you're not one, yet, get your ticket now (please no later than four hours before the event, so we can send you your invite link in time).

Accento Digital

Accento Digital is an amazing online conference for experienced Java/web developers that doesn't need brick and mortar to create a rich atmosphere. If you're up for twelve hours of technical talks, interactive Q&As, inspiring panels and ignite sessions, and free-form discussions with other participants — all around Java, JavaScript, web development, and operations — you don't want to miss it.

  • Date: 7th of July 2020
  • Time: 6:00 to 18:00 UTC (that's 8:00 to 20:00 in Central Europe)
  • Location: online

Attending the talks is free; participating in the interactive formats sets you back at most 30 €. Sounds great? Then get your ticket here.

The event is over

Hosted by

Disy Informationssysteme

Accento is a project of Disy, one of the leading suppliers of data analysis and reporting solutions for authorities in German-speaking countries.

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