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A Seat at the Table: Innovation and Diversity in Tech

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A Seat at the Table: Innovation and Diversity in Tech, an event hosted by Silicon Allee x London & Partners, in partnership with UK Black Tech, BlackinTech Berlin, Techstars, Tech in Colour, and many more. 

We believe that innovation in tech goes hand in hand with diversity and inclusion. 

In an open dialogue we will discuss and offer more inclusive business and funding perspectives, including creating visibility in underrepresented communities, enabling access to funding, and building communities inside of the sector to successfully support Black and Minority founders and tech employees in both London and Berlin.

Part I, 6:00-6:30pm, CEST: UK Black Tech + BlackinTech Berlin Intro
UK Black Tech (Mark Martin) and BlackinTech Berlin (Kave Bulambo) kick off the event to present their mission

Part II, 6:30-7:30pm, CEST: An inspiring roundtable discussion on the theme of Innovation and Diversity in Tech moderated by Dharrshy Shanthakumar from London & Partners

Part III, 7:30-8:00pm, CEST: Networking chat-roulette style (5 min max) 

+London-based speakers+

Andy Davis -  Founding Partner of 10x10 Fund  
Andy Davis is a Founding Partner of 10x10 Fund, a pre-seed fund investing in exceptional Black founders, and an Angel Investor with Atomico.

Mark Martin - London Lead at UK Black Tech
Mark Martin aka @Urban_Teacher is an Advanced Skills Teacher in Education and Computer Science. Mark is a thought leader in #EdTech and a hugely popular speaker, sharing his expertise and insights to educators around the world. He is a teacher/advisor for the major global tech brands and continues to advocate for home-grown talent, digital skills and education equity. In February 2019, he was awarded the London Business Award for Paying It Forward. A few months later, he was awarded an MBE for services to education, technology and diversity in UK technology. 

Maya Lingam - Community Data & Impact Manager at YSYS
Maya Lingam is the Community Data & Impact Manager at YSYS (Your Startup, Your Story); a startup community for founders, developers, creatives and investors on a mission to open doors of opportunity for diverse talent within the startup ecosystem. Alongside this, Maya is the founder of early stage startup EcoSpot - a community platform that enables organisations to transition to sustainability through collective action. This year she was awarded Young Innovator of the Year 2020 by the Anjool Maldé Trust & Innovate UK.

Dharrshy Shanthakumar - Corporate Affairs Executive at London & Partners
Dharrshy Shanthakumar is an emerging professional who has been working in the public affairs sector for the past three years. She is a passionate individual with an active interest in diversity and has been instrumental in setting up BAME networks within organisations. Last year she launched a podcast “Let’s be honest”, which explores the life of individuals to highlight how different cultures navigate in the modern world. 

+Berlin-based speakers+

Kave Bulambo - Founder of BlackinTech Berlin
Kave built BlackinTech Berlin after realising she had not hired a single Black engineer in tech. BlackinTech Berlin provides a platform where members can access career support, resources, and a sense of belonging in Berlin.  A founder in her own right of My Career Path, Kave also works as Senior Talent Acquisition Manager at Pitch.

Jag Singh - Managing Director at Techstars
Jag is one of Europe’s most active angel investors, and a supporter of the next wave of disruptive European startups. He previously built four companies from scratch in the political/media space. In 2008, the Telegraph recognized him as one of the top 100 influential people in British politics, and in 2018 the Financial Times named him to the Top 100 minority leaders in technology.

Deborah Choi - Founder of Horticure
Deborah Choi is the founder of horticure, a direct-to-consumer plant startup that envisions a world filled with healthier, greener indoor spaces. A serial entrepreneur, Deborah previously founded a fashion e-commerce brand (acquired), media company, and an innovation agency for venture-backed startups. She's a BusinessWeek '25 under 25' entrepreneur and graduate of The University of Chicago.

Charmilla Kasper - Facilitator at The Ballery
Charmilla combines her social work training and intercultural background into innovative recruiting and people engagement programs in Berlin. From SoundCloud to BCG Digital Ventures, she designed and led D&I initiatives to bring transformational change to tech recruiting, employee engagement and leadership development. She recently joined The Ballery, a community space focused on deconstructing the meaning of D&I through art, music and dialogue. She is excited to launch a new range of workshops within the local community to create new initiatives based on their shared learning. 

*The Bridge is a series of articles exploring connections between the European tech capitals of Berlin and London supported through our partnership with London & Partners.*

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· Sessions
Fireside Chat
Introduction: a fireside chat with Mark Martin, London Lead of UK Black Tech & Kave Bulambo, Founder of BlackinTech Berlin.
Kave Bulambo Mark MARTIN
· Sessions
Panel Discussion
We've invited leaders from the tech ecosystem, representing both London and Berlin, to discuss innovation and diversity in tech.
Andy Davis Deborah Choi Maya Lingam Charmilla Kasper Dharrshy Shanthakumar Jag Singh Mark MARTIN
· Networking
Networking, chat-roulette style, 5 minutes maximum per session.


Andy Davis

Founding Partner at 10x10 Fund


London Lead at UK Black Tech

Jag Singh

Managing Director at Techstars

Dharrshy Shanthakumar

Corporate Affairs Executive at London & Partners

Charmilla Kasper

Facilitator at The Ballery

Kave Bulambo

Founder of BlackInTech Berlin

Maya Lingam

Community Data & Impact Manager at at YSYS

Deborah Choi

Founder of Horticure

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