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How Unilever hosted a virtual pop up event on Hopin


About SheaMoisture

Acquired by Unilever in 2017, SheaMoisture was built on the core belief that only commerce can bring true economic independence to communities and empower women to break the cycles of wealth disparity. Events are integral to their high-touch brand, so rather than canceling their events, the SheaMoisture team moved their events online with Hopin, and launched on a creative virtual pop up event.
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About event

For one of their beauty brands SheaMoisture, Unilever used Hopin to host a virtual pop up event, featuring:

Yoga sessions.


Cooking shows.


Live music and dancing.


DJ’s and inspirational panels from community leaders and celebrities.

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The customer data derived from the event polls and demographics was a huge win for the brand. See below for samples.


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